What if . . . .


So, lately I am going through a guilt phase.
I want to say right now, my postings seem to be all over the place and that is because this life has me all over the place. It really does a number on everyone and everything involved.

My guilt is that I was the guilty one hanging onto the "cord", the "apron strings", like a "my fault" phase.
I sit and stare and think of ALL the things I think I did wrong. Probably need some deep counseling but I don't feel like it any more than an addict feels like therapy.

I don't mean to sound like an a** but I don't want to go out sometimes, often, and if I do, its to do something fun or get an epidural for my back or a tooth implant.



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Therapy. It’s a balm. Most of us have had to go. If you aren’t going, please consider going.

This stuff is simply very hard.

Interestingly, vitamins can help with mild depression and can work alongside medications for more severe depression. They include : D3 and a B Complex. I would not be without these two items.

I also take 1 mg of melatonin to help me sleep at night. I understand many people take up to 3 milligrams.

Please take extra good care of yourself and consider seeing a therapist if you aren’t already to help you through this.