What is dabbing weed?


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Someone told me this is something becoming popular in our area. I have no idea about it. I don't understand what comes up when I google it.


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Here is what if found at urbandictionary.com

A new form of smoking weed. Instead of smoking the buds of the marijuana plant, kids now smoke the oil from it. It does get you way higher, but also may cause more harmful mental effects than it does good ones.

Typically, this is what a normal "dabber" carries around to smoke dabs:

An "oil slick" - a small jar to hold the weed oil without it sticking to the jar.
A "dabber" - a dentistry looking tool for scraping the oil out of the oil slick.
An "oil rig" - like a bong, it is a special pipe to smoke weed oil with
A "nail" - the part that is attached to the "oil rig" so super-heat the oil to smoke


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There seems to be infinite ways to take this drug and make it more dangerous.
I don't like alcohol, but at least nobody alters the alcohol to make it more dangerous, although certainly it can be abused and even cause death. But pot is becoming harder for me to swallow.
I may be a prude, or just an old fashion boomer, but the more I learn about pot the more harmful I think it is.


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Dabbing has been around for hundreds of years. What's new is how we extract the oil. Most modern oil uses butane to extract, and hence can damage the lungs.

I smoked oil 40 years ago, and yes, it is a much stronger high than "bud". I would assume, given that today's marijuana is much stronger than what I smoked in the 70s, that the oil is also much stronger. Probably psychedelic in effect.


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My generation or the current one? I last used an illicit drug in 1981. I quit all of that when my late husband went on delayed enlistment with the Army (as did he.). His enlistment was delayed because he had to put on 25lbs before they'd take him.

pigless in VA

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This is what my husband was doing when he became psychotic. He was a chemist, and he travelled to his parents' house to get the equipment to extract the oil. He lost his everloving mind.


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PIgless, I'm not that surprised, if the tendency towards psychosis already existed.

That's what scares me about modern weed. I NEED an AP or things start to get a tad weird.

Knowing how much more potent oil made from 70s weed was than the weed itself, and knowing how much stronger today's weed is, the idea of the oil scares the bejabbers out of me.

Even in the latter part of the 90s, when my husband was using weed purchased from a personal-use grower to relieve side-effects from drugs used to treat his illness, and to help with pain management, he commented on how very much stronger the 90s stuff was than what he had used in college.

Granted, he was using "edibles", which is a much more potent way of consuming cannabis than smoking it.

They also smoke "wax", which I know nothing about. I should read up some on modern cannabis culture just for the heck of it


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This reminds me of hashish or the hash oil that was smoked when I was in high school. Could it be the same thing?


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I suspect this is also what gets used in vape pens. Don't even try to tell me that all they are smoking in those vape shops is nicotine infused juice. My kid wouldn't have cared enough to buy a vape if that were the case. It's broken now and I'm glad. Not that it stops him of course.


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Hey. As someone who vapes nicotine and buys some supplies from local vape shops ( and online, because that's usually cheaper).


In fact, many vape shops use nicotine-free vape juice for customers to sample flavors because the flavors are stronger the less nicotine in the juice.

It's a whole hobby that involves building hardware, making juices, etc. Yes, with special equipment, one can vape "drugs" (mostly cannabis and extracts).

"Drug" vaping is a tiny segment of the vaping culture. Why not give us a look and learn a bit more? I'm not into "cloud chasing" or "dripping" or "flavor chasing". I'm just addicted to nicotine and wanted to spare my lungs (which are now clear by x-ray)

I'm not into building and re-building, or modding, but a lot of vapers are just people my age who wanted to get off cigarettes. The "hobby" is mostly a young persons' thing. There are much worse hobbies to have.


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Yes, we used to call it "hash oil", and the real stuff was made from hash due to it being easier to extract the oil.

I shudder at the thought of modern hash oil made from the pollen of modern cannabis.


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No offense was intended GN, and I'm sure MOST vape shops are 100% legit. I've even been in them. I'm sure they are SELLING nothing illegal in them. I know a number of people who switched to that from smoking...and even used them to quit smoking by tapering off the % of nicotine over time.

But, I've seen some pretty sketchy looking vape shops in some pretty sketchy parts of town, too. Just like it's possible to smoke tobacco from a little glass pipe or a hookah - it's possible to vape pot and really, how would anyone know?

But the comment wasn't intended as an indictment of all people who vape and I apologize for wording it that way.


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Well, vaped pot smells like pot, as does oil and I assume wax. I've NEVER been in a vape shop where vaping drugs was going on. I've been in a couple that did sell the special equipment needed to vape cannabis.

I would assume that if one were in a state where cannabis was legal, that both vapable forms and the equipment would be sold by licensed dealers.

For the most part, though, vape shops are sort of a combination "try before you buy", information exchange, and "saloon" sort of environment.

Sort of like the "cigar bars" that were so popular in the 80's early 90s in some areas of the US.

I've learned a few tricks in vape shops that have saved me money and helped me to have a better vaping experience.

People go to these vape shops to show off the equipment they've bought or built, to show what good "cloud chuckers" they are, etc.

I am disturbed by the number of youngsters picking up vaping and using nicotine though. A lot of youngsters are flavor chasers and vape 0%, which is fine. Actually, nicotine is by far the most benign thing in tobacco so long as you don't have heart or vascular disease.

What I don't understand is why somone who isn't addicted to nicotine would intentionally pick up the habit. Of course, 40 years later, I STILL can't quite figure out why I started smoking.

I'm glad that vaping came along a few years ago and I was able to get into it, though I started out with cheap equipment and bad juices. It wasn't until I visited a vape shop and got a professionally designed "beginners setup" and a lead on where to order a good menthol juice, that I was able to give up cigs.

3 years later? I am still using beginner's setups. I have three of them now. I mail ordered the 2 add'l. Much cheaper. I order my juices over the internet. I vape menthol, peppermint, and cinnamon, separately or mixed. I buy a part called a "coil" or atomizer and replace them every couple of weeks to keep things vaping cleanly. (Otherwise the cinnamon juice clogs things up)

My monthly nicotine fix costs have gone from 350 dollars a month to about 40 dollars a month, including coils and other small consumable bits.

Every three months of so, I have to buy "e-cig equipment cleaner", otherwise known as a half-pint of the cheapest, unflavored vodka I can find. I get a giggle of the liquor store clerks who are gagging at the thought of anyone drinking that stuff ("You SURE you don't want some OJ or Mountain Dew with that??" To which I respond, "Not to worry. I'm not going to be drinking it!") which generates all sorts of confusion.

Seriously though, check out non-drug related vape culture. It's an interesting group of people. I don't agree with a lot of what they have to say, but I don't view my vape as an extension of my person, or somehow connected to my "coolness quotient"


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Lil, I'm laughing about you and the Hookah's.

I've smoked shisha several times. Nothing but flavored tobacco. Didn't do much for me as I'm a nicotine addict and if you inhale shisha smoke, you will cough up what's left of your lungs. Shisha bars are kind of fun if you avoid the shisha part, though.

Conversation, snacking, tea, etc. I used to go for the social and munchie aspects in the 90s.