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I am absolutely grasping at straws here, but I know we have folks with allergies, thyroid problems, etc, and we all know people who know people...so...
After difficult child 2 was born 5 years ago, despite being c-section, I had the same problem with him that I did with my older son - bleeding that lasted well over a year before it stopped being constant, then 50-75% of the time for another year after that. My gyno thought I had endometriosis, put me on continuous birth control pills (shouldn't have a period at all on that), then did a laproscopy when that didn't work. He did find some endo, not a lot, but cleaned it up, etc, after the first year.. I was a month away from a hysterectomy after the second year when all of a sudden, it stopped.

About 2 months before it stopped for good, my heart went crazy, my chest and arms and legs hurt, I was sick to my stomache and had diarrhea, and my heart was skipping beats and then doubling up on beats. husband dragged me to the ER and they sent me to cardiologists, etc, and it never happened again. (which is what the final autopsy report says my dad died from, by the way, instead of a heart attack like they initially thought.)

All thru pregnancy, and since difficult child 2 was born, I've had chronic sinus infections from about October-March each year, and occassionally in the summer. I can not shake them. I was on antibiotics for a summer one when my heart went crazy, and its taking stronger and stronger antibiotics to kill the infections.

Just before difficult child 2 was born, I had allergy testing done. I was mildly allergic to cats, dust, horses, and mold. My doctor sent me for more allergy testing after this last winter of infections and of the same 60 things I was tested for 6 years ago, I'm allergic to 55 of them, and all are moderate to severe. He also did a cat scan and my sinuses are 90% blocked.

I can't get any doctor to look at all these things together. To me, they all sound hormonal, but I don't know what to ask them to look at or if I'm going to the wrong kind of doctor. The gyno wants to continue the pills or do hysterectomy if I dont' want to stay on them; I don't go back to the cardiologist; allergy doctor wants allergy shots, its all due to allergies... They may be right, but aren't hormones and your immune system fairly closely related? Is there something else I should be looking at instead of each individual thing seperately?

I am going through much the same, doctors for different things. What I did was get an internist at the best hospital in the area. I came in with a list of everything. The internist referred me to specialists within the hospital system, and my records follow me from appointment to appointment. It would be very difficult to find one doctor to take care of everything.

FWIW, I took a medical billing and coding class least year 9that was the biggest waste of my time. noboy hires them) but I did learn that hormones are endochrinal, that is they have to do with your glands. Your immune system is completely unrelated. Hope that clears things up a little.


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Shari...sorry you are going thru all this. I am going to throw something out there that might sound odd but you could try it. You could have a yeast problem. I know that sounds weird but people can be overrun by yeast even in the sinuses.

If you want info on this just let me know and I can give you a protocol to try to get rid of it.

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Have you seen an endocronologist? They deal with hormones on every level and should be able to run some bloodwork to check all your hormone levels.

Also, you might want to consider finding a better informed gyno - women suffer from many hormone related maladies and you should not be afraid to push it with your DR.

On a more natural level, you may consider seeing a naturopath who will test your blood, feces, urine, etc. and suggest a full organ/body cleanse and certain mineral supplements along with some chiropractic care.



I would find a good internist that is going to look at the complete picture, not just pieces and parts. Go in with a list of everything you are concerned about, how long it's been going on, what's been done and how you think they are related. This is so important. Women have to fight so much harder than men to be heard by doctors.

I went to doctors for years and noone ever put it all together until I had a heart attack. All of the symptoms that were taking me to the doctor are now gone. I'm not at all suggesting that you have a heart condition, just stressing that noone looked at everything in it's entirety, but rather as individual symptoms and I was never correctly diagnosis'd because of that.