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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Ramona, Sep 28, 2008.

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    Hi I'm fairly new here. I need some help. I have an apt. for my 3 yr old daughter to see a nurse practioner to rule out any physical causes for her behavioral issues.

    I want to touch on the fact that she is a very poor sleeper and I suspect she may also be anemic. My main concern is explaining the issues we're having with out seeming like a total nut or an overbearing first time mom.

    Does that make sense? For those of you who started with a physical evaluation what kind of questions did you have for the doctor. and how did you express the problems your child was having in a clear concise way?

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    Why not write a list?
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    Writing a list of your concerns is a good idea. Include developmental and behavioral.

    If there's a family history of neurological or mental health problems that should be mentioned. A video of a meltdown or atypical behavior can be very helpful.

    There is a detailed parent report linked below which some parents use, more often for the next step of the process:

    Not only can the nurse practitioner help rule out physical causes but often a pediatrician referral is necessary to see a developmental pediatrician or pediatric neuropyschologist (the specialists we suggest).