What to do with a psychotic difficult child cat?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hexemaus2, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. hexemaus2

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    It has been decided that our cat, who literally dropped out of the ceiling on us some years ago, is psychotic.

    We live in the country on a 180 acre farm in an agricultural county. We are surrounded by corn & cotton fields, pecan orchards, and the like. Mice are simply a part of life out here in the boonies - especially when the neighbors turn the fields. Barn cats are a staple. When we first moved in and I saw a mouse in the house, naturally, I called our pest control guy. (Isn't that what most people do when they have pests?) When I asked him what to do about the mice, he looked at the cat and said "she's your best bet."

    As it turns out, Oreo is a darn good mouser. When we see a mouse in the house, you can place bets with darn good odds that she'll get it within a couple of days. And naturally, like all cats, she leaves her "presents" for us in the hall or kitchen floor, to show us she's doing her job. Gross...but I'd rather have to scoop up dead mice with a broom and dustpan than have the little critters running around in my house. I wish she'd kill them and keep them outside, but at least we know she's doing her job.

    Lately, however, she's been getting a little twisted. She's getting on in years and while she's much more affectionate with people than she used to be, she shows her grumpy old lady side to the dogs. (It's actually kind of comical...she rubs against the dogs, waits for them to turn their nose toward her, then proceeds to swat the snot out of them - literally. I swear you can almost hear her snickering at the big dumb furballs 'cause they NEVER learn.)

    But what concerns me is her new mousing habits. We don't find whole mice any more. We find pieces. Heads. Tails. Chunks of I'm not sure what parts. It's gross. It's nasty. The boys have taken to calling her Cat the Ripper. We know it's not the dogs because they get closed up in my room with me at night. I walk out to the kitchen in the morning to find mouse parts on my floor. YIKES!

    I no sooner get the human gfgness in my house to a semi-normal level, and now the cat's going difficult child on me? What gives?

    Why would a mature cat suddenly start going all psychotic mouse killer? She's up to date on all her shots and stuff...another necessity of farm life...so I know she's not rabid or sick or anything. She has plenty of food and water available. She hasn't been stressed by anything that we know of.

    Is she that bored? Going the kitty equivalent of senile?

    It's quite disturbing to find mouse parts in my kitchen before I even get a cup of coffee in the morning. :mornincoffee::difficult child::faint:

    When I called the pest guy, he kind of giggled, but did offer to come set traps and repellents around the perimeter of the house to minimize how many "targets" Oreo has to go after.
  2. AnnieO

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    OK, I am so trying to keep a straight face. Well, no, I'm not. I can just picture mouse parts... (I'm a computer geek, too, so I get 2 pictures. One has to do with the kitty mama I am; the other is computer-ish.)

    Honestly? Cats tend to play with their food. So before, she was playing with it while alive. Now, however, she's probably tired of the little mousie games, so she dispatches them and then plays with them. Which results in parts.

    Disconcerting, yes, but after seeing "Cat the Ripper", I just lost it.

    FWIW - Possum is, though lazy, quite the mouser. He brings them to me - tailless.
  3. Mattsmom277

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    I would think since health seems good, she's just evolved in her hunting prowess or something? Perhaps during a mouse hunt one of them swiped her good or nipped her or something and she's now more aggressive since she no longer sees them as passive? Aside from getting gruesome bits left for you, I'd think there's nothing to worry about with the cat herself. I think traps are a good idea to cut down on the number of critters she winds up tracking herself.
  4. hexemaus2

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    @MattsMom...Ya know, I never thought that perhaps one might have nipped her at some point. Hmm...she does get more aggressive if the dogs pester her too much. That would make sense.

    @Step...I think I saw the same 2 pictures you did when I reread my post before posting it. If only it were as sanitary as computer mouse parts all over my kitchen floor. Those would hurt more to step on them, but at least they wouldn't squish or have me freaking out and running for the Clorox. lol. And yeah, in spite of the gruesomeness of the problem, I had to laugh at the Cat the Ripper comment from the boys myself. It is comical, in a warped, twisted kind of way. :)

    I guess this is just one of those aspects of country life I have to get used to. It's not always pretty being this close to nature...some natural things are just, well...gruesome and nasty. We'll just stock up on bleach to kill the germs and hope no one ever has need to view my kitchen floor with a black light. lol. (No, really officer. It was the cat. She's psychotic. All those blood splatter marks are from mice. I promise, officer. Yes, I know there seems to be a lot of them. She has a problem, officer. She's seeing a therapist.)
  5. flutterby

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    Sounds like she's eating them now and that's why you're only getting the remains she doesn't want.
  6. Hound dog

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    I'm with Step.........soon as I read Cat the Ripper I started laughing.

    We have the same issues with mice.........thanks to several old barns not far from the house that the owner will not tear down and takes no measures to rid the mouse problem. Neighborhood cats do their best......but mice multiply rapidly. ugh

    Bruce stinks as a mouser. Although he is showing signs that he is finally getting that he is 1. supposed to hunt these things and 2. expected to kill them effectively. It does not say much for Bruce's intellect that he is 3-4 yrs old and only now getting this concept. lol

    I'm expecting a bad winter. Is awful but I judge it on the number of mice that decide to attempt to move into the house. Tends to be fairly accurate. This year they're coming in crowds I swear. I have one that is determined he is gonna camp out under my computer desk which drives Bruce insane trying to get him. Mouse can fit easily under the big ol heavy desk, Bruce cannot.

    That they're coming in so bad this year..........well truthfully, I think it's going to be a nasty winter. The outside cats Mr Underfoot and Minnie are leaving me 3-5 presents each morning on the porch each.......and still the lil devils are getting inside. Those 2 are expert mousers.


    Although I will say I have no compunctions about whipping out a broom and squishing the living daylights (literally) out of any mouse I happen to see. I've done it before and I'll do it again. Gives my girls a major case of the heebie jeebies. :rofl:
  7. KTMom91

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    I vote for bored. Your current mouse population is no longer a challenge for her.

    I can just see "Cat the Ripper"...complete with little black mask and operating in stealth mode...too funny!
  8. hexemaus2

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    lol Mary...little black mask. lol. Actually, she does have a black mask. That's how she got the name Oreo. She's black and white. Her face has two mask-size black patches over either eye, stretching all the way over her ears, with a thin white stripe down the middle. It gives her the appearance of an Oreo cookie stood on end, with the cream filling melting down her nose. lol.

    I should have known she'd be a little off. For years she has been Oreo-yo-yo, or just yo-yo. She's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) about doors. If they open, the world will end if she doesn't walk through them. You can keep her busy for hours just opening and closing a door. She MUST walk through it if it opens. lol.

    As for the mice...I don't think she's eating them. So far, all the pieces are there, in some mangled form or another.
  9. HaoZi

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    I'd have to agree with this, especially as she's getting older and her nutrient needs are likely changing some.
  10. AnnieO

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    I think all cats are Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to some extent.

    Closed door = small white Weasel paws underneath, trying to open it.

    Chip bag noise = attention from Possum, "loving" the bag. This has led to a humorous situation in which he got stuck in a Baked Lay's bag. And, no, he's not especially fond of the chips.

    Plastic bag/craft foam within reach = Squirrel licking and chewing. I've still not learned to put new foam sheets where she can't get to them. Red is her favorite, though apparently other colors taste pretty good too.

    Weasel also is addicted to people sitting on the toilet. If you do not completely close the door, she will come in and jump on your lap. If you DO close the door... Well, see above. My bathroom currently has no door, so... She also climbs walls. No front claws, so she scales them and holds on with the back ones. Only recently have I seen scratch marks (she's almost 17). She earned the name "DK" or "Demon Kitty" at age 6 months... Squirrel is "ParaKitty" - as in paranoid (5+ years); and Possum is "Chubs" or "Tubs" (12+ years).
  11. SRL

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    No advice...but I'm glad my cat only brings me up freshly killed socks and undies he's hunted down in the laundry room.

    We did discover that he was snacking on birds right after breakfast last summer but he kept those all for himself.
  12. mstang67chic

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    It must be something about the cats literally dropping from the ceiling. My folks have a cat (originally a garage cat) who quite literally dropped into my Dad's hands. Seems the cat fell through a crack in the garage attic floor as a kitten and was lucky Dad just happened to be standing there.

    Anyhoo.....to give you an idea of how this cat behaves......I call him Satan Spawn. difficult child once drew a picture of my parent's living room. Mom was in her chair, Dad was in his, husband and I were there and difficult child was pictured standing in the middle of the living room.

    With a puffed up, claws out, hissing Rat-Cat attached to his face.

    He's ALWAYS been like this although he has mellowed a bit in his old age. However.....the part about mouse parts? Also familiar.

    Classic story....mom was getting ready for work one night (she worked thirds) and didn't have her glasses on. Earlier she had seen/heard RC (Rat-Cat) streak into the house which is always a good indication he was up to no good. She never found anything so she didn't think anything about it. Then......she spotted a brown and red blob on the floor. (Remember...no glasses) Thinking it was one of her flowers from outside that RC had eaten/drug into the house, she bent down to look. Nope....not a flower.

    Mouse head.

    She hollered for Dad who laughed and disposed of the body part. Later....possibly the next morning...I can't remember, she went to the bathroom. Did her business, stood up, turned around to flush and.....

    There was the mouse head floating in the toilet just like the little guy was treading water....if he had a body.

    She was not amused.
  13. Hound dog

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  14. tawnya

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    I posted awhile back about trying to find a good mouser. Well, I found one....a little calico that is three months old. I started finding carcasses, and I was thrilled...because she was doing her job. Then, we found a mouse smooched like a piece of paper under the rug in the bathroom, because we had all tramped it, LOL. Last week, I found a small piece of mouse patootie and a tail in the hallway. Then, I was even more thrilled. I hate those stupid things. I hope she's eating some every day while I am gone, LOL!

    She knows that's her job, I guess. I have two rat terriers that have never killed a mouse, and the other day the small one did. I guess competition, but I'm loving it!

    Did I say that I really, really hate mice?