What's for dinner mom?


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OMG if my difficult child calls me one more time after work and asks me "What's for dinner mom" I may go crazy!!!!!

I know she works hard since it is a manual labor job but dang you are 19 years old and make a decent paycheck. How about just once you call and say "dont cook mom I am picking up dinner" or even "I will cook tonight." But nope~and her tone of voice sounds exhausted and pitiful. Insert eye roll here.

We had an agreement from day 1 that we would all cook but that has slowly died since she started working.Today she stayed home from work so guess what. difficult child better get her apron out and cook me some dinner!

That's right I'm gonna say it..."Get in the kitchen and cook me some dinner woman!"



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It was gooooooooood!

Dang shame she thought ignoring it would work. Momma put the smack down on her and got some dinner.

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That is the one thing that is so contentious in our house. It was especially bad when we lived in the other house. There were 4 adults - 5 when Buck was there - and everyone expected it to be me to do the cooking and cleaning. I cant do it all the time. I know Tony works long hours and sometimes Billy works till 9 but Billy didnt leave until 9 or later in the morning so he could throw something in the crockpot. Cory or Buck could have made dinner.

Now I try hard to make dinner every night but there have been a few nights here and there that Tony has to come home and cook.


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I totally understand Janet. Sometimes its not even that I can't do it, I just dont want to. I get tired of cooking and its not something I enjoy.

On a side note I always make out a menu so that I can get exactly what I need and not a bunch of junk or half meals. I have no inspiration on the menu anymore and I keep asking the kids and husband for ideas. They were told on Monday to provide me with two meals each that they wanted. At 415 on Tuesday I finally got a text with two meals from difficult child. husband and easy child didn't give me anything. I had already made the list and checked it twice so I texted her back and told her she had missed the cutoff and she could put it on the next list.

You should have seen her face when she realized I really didn't buy the ingredients for the requested cheeseburger soup or tuna noodle casserole. HEHEHEHE!


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I don't mind cooking, though it would be fun, if it wasn't always on me. husband doesn't cook, or does, but just some specials in special occasions. And makes so much noise about it, that I at times hope he wouldn't. easy child knows how to cook, I made sure of that when boys were younger and it used to be his chore to cook us a meal once a week, but I have let that slide. He is busy, he started to postpone his cooking turns with good and not-so-good excuses. Considering that he actually is really busy and that the reason for those cooking turns was already fulfilled (he had learnt to cook healthy meals with reasonable budget), I let that go.

Actually I'm looking for the break from cooking, when difficult child gets home. We are trying to come up with chores for him to keep him moving. Cooking, cleaning etc. are obvious. And since he actually likes cooking and is nowadays bit of a neat freak I may even have a real vacation from household chores if I get lucky. Would prefer to come up something for him to do outside (something hard for his back and light for stress) but this time of a year is challenging in that, and cooking and cleaning would at least give me a break.


LOL! it was always on me when it comes n cooking, i enjoy doing it even though my body is killing me after a long hard work.