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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by imgoingnuts, Dec 12, 2006.

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    Ok i just got my son medical insurance, we didn't have it on him for a couple months because my huband switched jobs and then him and I both ended up getting laid off, so now we got him covered through the state. I am wondering what do i do next i want him to be check out for adhd add and odd. Who do I call to set an appointment. with. As far as i know his peditrician does not make referals nor see's children for mental health problems. He is only 4, but it's obvisous something isn't right. Thanks so much!
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    You want to pursue both a private and school evaluation. Ask the pediatrician for a referral, demand it if necessary or switched doctors. I'd be cautious about not considering other disorders than ADD or ODD, many symptoms overlap between the most common disorders. Send a letter via certified mail to the Special Education director of your school district requesting a full & complete evaluation. This is to ensure your son gets any early academic interventions he may need. Finally, work on a parent report to bring to both evaluations.
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    If you have the coverage, I'd take him for a multi-disciplinary evaluation. We can't evaluate our own kids or ask that they be checked only for certain diagnosis., since there are many reasons why a child can be hyper and defiant. I wouldn't bring up a certain diagnosis. I wouldn't even bring anything up. I'd have him evaulated and see what they tell you. If you don't, this kid could end up on medications he doesn't need that may make him even worse. Lots of things mimic ADHD/ODD. Good luck.
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    My kids are on state insurance, too. I'm not sure if the rules are different in your state, but here we can only go to the county Mental Health unless we get special permission. The number is on their insurance card. There should be someone to help you in your state. A caseworker maybe? Maybe the person who took your application to get them on state insurance?
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    My son goes for an evaluation through the school on January 25 that was the earliest appointment. Now I am working on getting him seen by a doctor(s) I will look into who takes the insurance that we have for him and go from there. I'm not sure what is wrong with him i'm not positive that it is add adhd or odd but i know that they are the most common but that's why i want to have him evaluated, I'm hoping not to run into problems because of his age. wish me luck Thanks