when washer runs but does not spin?

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    The load of clothes in the washer was wet and heavy when I opened the door to take the clothing out and put it in the dryer. I had heard the machine running, but apparently it was not spinning out the excess water; I tested this by holding the little button down while the top loader door was open.

    Any ideas on what type of problem this is besides inconvenient? Is this possibly something simple, like a belt? I know that even simple things cost more than they should to fix when you're not handy enough to do a self-repair.
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    Yes, I had the same thing happen to me. My advice/input is based ONLY on a washer that's a few years old already and you can tell that everything is working normally and still running EXCEPT that it won't actually spin during the cycle. OK, if that's the case, you have to take the top off the cylinder in the middle. You should be able to Google your specific make and model to get a photo on the manufacturer's site for "parts" or something. Once you can see inside the cylinder, try to take out the pieces inside- I know there is a plastic "gear" inside but I don't remember what else. Take all the pieces inside to a place that sells parts for your model of washing machine. Typically what happens is that the plastic "teeth" on the gear wear down so the cylinder quits turning. I think this cost me about $10 in parts and $10 to my son for helping me get the darn thing apart and back together. It would have cost me at least 3 times that much to get a repairman out here. I hope it's that simple for you, too!

    PS I didn't figure this out on my own. I asked my boss at the time and he told me.
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    There is probably a website for your particular washer that you could trouble shoot the problem. I went on the website and found that my washer required an easy fix to pull out junk that got caught in the drain, keeping it from draining. I know I would have paid at least $60 just to have someone come tell it it isn't working....... fix would have been extra! Good luck with the repair.
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    Mine did what Klmno said but in that case, it ran and spun but it didn't agitate. If it's not spinning....maybe try taking some of the clothes out since you said it was a heavy load. That may or may not help but it's something easy to try. In any event, something does sound off. It could be a belt, maybe a bearing....really it could be a few different things.

    Try going to the website for the manufacturer and see if they have a troubleshooting section or a feature where you can "chat" with a service tech or something. If nothing else, call a repairman in your area and see if they can give you some suggestions over the phone.

    I know this is a pain.....the big things like that never seem to give you warning sometimes.
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    oops- mstang is right- that is what mine did, but it didn't drain all the water out because it takes the agitation to get the water out of the clothes. Sorry I misinformed you. Do you know if your tub is spinning?
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    My brain is spinning klmno, I dunno about the washer.

    I will have to give it a good look tomorrow, By then I should have more energy.
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    Snubber ring. or .....not to get too technical but when the transmission goes into the next gear to unload the water - it has an arm that sends it to the right that causes it to move into the higher gear to spin which empties the water. If that bolt comes undone or is rusted shut and the transmission can't move? It won't empty.

    Five years of arguing with Maytag & GE (WHOM WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER GET ANY OF MY BUSINESS AGAIN - ALONG WITH LOWES) and THIRTY SEVEN home calls for one lousy washer? says it's a snubber ring and transmission arm. possibly.:faint:

    Depending on how old your washer is? It could be worth a call to a repair person. I would ask them on the phone and they are going to ask you the age, make and serial number (found on the back of the washer on a metal tag up on the right or left side behind the control panel) usually.....of the machine. If you have that when you call then it makes it easier for them to tell what may /may not be wrong and if it's old/rusted possibly not worth replacing or service call.

    Also - IF you DO get a new machine ASK your repair man WHAT THEIR service plan costs vs. the one at LOWES or HOME DEPOT. I can tell you without a doubt that the one from Lowes is through GE and I bought the platinum Five year extended plus plan and got treated like doo doo. Had I gone to MY repair guy - and bought HIS plan? Cheaper/better/quicker.....just FYI. Oh and make sure you keep ANY and ALL receipts.
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    Does it do it on all of the settings? If I use my wash and wear cycle, they come out wet but if I use any of the other settings it works fine. I know I need to get it fixed but for right now I just deal with it.
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    My washer did this and then decided to really bite the dust and flood my laundry room with water. We went and bought a used washer from a nice refurbished place who sold all his machines for 150.