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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Incredible, Oct 6, 2008.

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    My teen son, 15, fits the Explosive child model. He has gone through all of the schools in the district and been expelled - for either pot, leaving campus or stealing something.
    I have a school meeting to go to where they have a variety of "special role "people in attendence. They push some paperwork around for everyone to sign while they explain why my son does not belong there....Everytime they suspend him, he is then free to roam the neighborhoods and cozy up to all sorts of people... he ends up worse.
    I have already done the counseling and UA tests (all pathetically ineffective)
    I literally stalk him when I am not a work, just so that I have some idea of what is going on...
    What would you all have to say? Any advice about any of this would be greatly appreciated!
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    hmmm does he have any legal strikes against him? is he on probation?

    Does he become abusive to you, so badly, that you'd be able to call the police or mobile response. Are you able to enroll him in a residential program?

    Sorry for the burst of ?'s. I am the poster mom for letting your kid get swooshed away in the middle of the night to a Utah Boot Camp!
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    since you have not done a profile signature, I think we are going to have more questions before we can offer some suggestions - although we are always open for support!!!

    You say your son is 15. What diagnosis does your son have, or has he had in the past? Is he currently on medications? Has he ever been on an IEP or have a Behavior Intervetion Plan done in school? What kind of home enviornment is it (just with mom, mom and dad, between mom and dad, siblings, etc.)? Is he currently in any sort of therapy or treatment?

    Sorry for all the questions, but getting to know a little more about your son is helpful before making some suggestions.

    Glad you have found your way here!

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    Wanted to say welcome to you. I had a daughter who did drugs, so I sympathize. I was wondering if he's ever had a complete evaluation (neuropsychologist evaluation or seen a Psychiatrist with the MD?) If he's doing illegal drugs, any medications he may be taking now won't help him, but has he ever been on any that worked? How long has he been a problem? What was his early development like? Any problems there? Any psychiatric problems or substance abuse issues on either side of his family tree? Any traumas?
    Sorry you had to come here, but welcome aboard.