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    Good morning everyone. husband and I have been talking about this indepth for awhile, and are considering an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for difficult child if we do not see any improvement after her PHP time. And, I am not sure where or how to go about looking for one.
    difficult child is doing the same behaviors as before, and I am afraid of her. If we try to talk to her about anything she immediately starts screaming at us, and then refuses to do anything. ANytime I look at her, or even think about her I and up in a panic attack. I wake up every morning scared. I am hating my life right now. And difficult child doesn't care what is happening to our family. easy child stays out of the house as much as possible to avoid her. husband has just shut down and does nothing with her. So it basically falls on me. I am starting therapy this week, but I am not sure that will do much at this point.
    I hate admitting that I cannot handle my own child, but I just need more help, and any info you can offer would be great.
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    A lot depends on the funding source. Unless you are a "full pay", you will be limited by which ones the funding source will cover. Often, they can give you a list of the ones they cover and then you can research each of them. (RTCs are about $300/day)
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    Ask the psychiatrist what he thinks might be the best next step. Tell him what you and husband are thinking and see what he thinks and if he can recommend somewhere for her. They might have a waiting list, though.
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    We figure there will be a waiting list. There seems to be a waiting list everywhere for any kind of help. When I asked the therapist about it, she just laughed and said that it is out of the question. That the county we live in has no money or funding for anything like that, and that private insurance wouldn't pay for it. I am not sure where to even look for "funding sources" and there is no way we can afford the $300 a day. I am just so tired and frustrated. She has been asleep since 6 last night and it is now 9:15 this morning. I am just beginning to hate my life right now. Is it wrong that I am counting the days until she turns 18? 1121 more days.
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    Funding sources:

    state/county funds (very limited, sometimes non-existent)
    school district funds (must show difficulty at school or attending school due to refusal or multiple psychiatric hospital)
    private insurance

    There are a couple of sliding scale RTCs. I'll PM you a couple links.
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    Stressed, I hear you!
    I agree, ask the psychiatrist or therapist you go to this week for ideas and keep a notepad handy.
    If you come up with-a good one, let me know!
    I'm getting close to that myself.
    Everytime I come up with-an idea and research it, I end up crossing it off the list.
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    RE: Funding sources...

    Some Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s offer student-loan style funding for their programs

    In our state, there are a couple little-advertised Residential Treatment Center (RTC) programs that are state-funded (like any public school) - and parents only pay a small monthly fee on a sliding scale.

    If the program is largely paid for by a parent - it will be easier to get your child into it. If the program is largely funded by the govt - it will be much more difficult to get a placement. (That is, in my experience anyway...)

    Good luck!
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    Could you consult a special education lawyer? If she can't attend school, it seems the district should be made to provide for her...
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    Maybe your hospital program can give you some direction. Also ask your hospital about therapeutic wilderness programs--often about 2-3 mos, that might be all that it would take to get her ready to participate in local programs in your area. Make sure the wilderness programs are therapeutic in nature (not boot camp).
  10. InsaneCdn

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    Sleep from 6 pm to 9 am?
    What would it take to get her into a sleep clinic?
    Because... either her sleep is really out of whack, OR she's doing other stuff for part of the night... OR the depression is WAY worse than the therapist/psychiatrist see right now and results from the sleep clinic might help the picture...
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    We're on the path to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) ourselves after resisting the psychiatrist's recommendation for a few years (Land of de Nile) so we are doing research, too. Is the psychiatric hospital recommending Residential Treatment Center (RTC) as part of her discharge plan? If so, they should not only check what your insurance will cover, but have specific suggestions. When you talk with them, don't ask which they "recommend" - they are likely to feel a professional conflict. Ask which ones they make referrals, too. Then also ask if there are any that they generally *don't* make referrals, too. By asking questions carefully so as to not put our psychiatric hospital family counselor on the spot, we got some good info on which facilities to avoid. (Hint: a great web site doesn't tell you much, and in fact, may suggest that the priority isn't ont he kids.)

    Our community mental health agency is walking us through the process and they have been very specific about which facilities they think are better for CeCe and why. We are blessed to live in a city where we have choices near our part of town, not just the metro area. We are planning to visit each one. Our financial situation is easier than some (have both Medicaid & private ins.), but I believe the admissions folks at the better RTCs are accustomed to helping families figure out how to make it work. To do otherwise wreaks havoc on their success rate - difficult children don't do well going home to newly impoverished families.
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    That is part of the problem. She has never been admitted to the psychiatric hospital. She is just is a partial program right now, and we have had no contact with them. So we are not sure what they will say to do when she is finished. This is mostly our decision as we can no longer handle having her in the home. She is so toxic. She has completely torn our family to shreds. Even our extended family. And, right now she see it as everyone else has a problem. Not her. We cannot deal with her behaviors, and right now everyone else is not willing to help. So... we are on our own.