Where's Cookie?


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Well double sigh.

He seems to want to go wild all at once doesnt he?

Im sure he will settle down soon enough. I hope.

You and husband just put the emphasis on you guys now. That is what is important now. You have done all you can for him. Hopefully this time with his brother will show him what he had.

We do miss you.


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'><span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Cookie, Have missed you, but totally understand your withdrawal. Sometimes you just need to regroup. Take time and hopefully with difficult child out of the house you can work on your relationship with husband. It's easier with difficult child distractions removed....

Take care of yourself and hoping your computer system gets back on its feet too.</span></span>



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I'm so sorry that things are going so poorly. I hate to ask, but is he doing drugs or drinking? It just sounds so similar to so many other stories I've heard and they all revolve around drugs or alcohol addiction.

I'm realy sorry things turned so sourly. I hope you and husband can get back to the way things were before difficult child started to slowly destroy everthing in his path.

Big hugs!


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Robby, I also withdraw when I need to regroup so I completely understand your needing to do so, too. Friends who truly love me understand this about me and accept it. Nothing wrong with working things out privately at all.

I have to admit that I had a mini-chuckle when I read that you and husband didn't wait and bought the ticket to AZ.

Honestly, after what you guys have been through, I wouldn't have been able to slap that money on the ticket counter fast enough to get that kid outta Dodge. Good for you!

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

Hugs, hugs, hugs,



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Hang tough, Robbie. Take this time to heal your marriage. Make an agreement...NO talking about difficult child when you're out on a 'date.' It's hard in the beginning, but ultimately it forces you to focus on your relationship.


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{{{Robbie}}} It's great that you were able to buy that ticket and get difficult child out of your home. It's great that you knew to fold up inside yourself to deal with this and I'm glad for the update - sorry for the sadness. I hope you and H will take this time to be with one another without the major distractions. hugs~


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Sorry to hear things have been going so hard for you. Hope you and your husband can get together and plaster over any little cracks. Just start getting together with an agreement of talking only about each other. Just remembering why you got together in the first place.

Hope you get the bugs in your system cleared up, and we hear from you again soon.

:angel: :kisses:


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Robby, I'm so sorry that you have had to go through all of this! Take all the time you need, regroup, and get your strength back. When you're ready, we'll all still be here for you...

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I was hoping for better news. I'm so sorry. This just sucks. :crying:

I think it will be better for all involved for difficult child to be in AZ. He uses you and his dad as a crutch and then abuses you on top of that. Without you there to catch him, it is sink or swim. I think he needs a swift kick to his rear and his ego.

Keep in touch. :smile:



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Adding my hugs to those already here.

I, too, have the tendancy to withdraw during the toughest times. I have also sat in front of my computer, but been unable to type a word - just read and cry.

I am so sorry tou are in that place right now, but hopefully sending difficult child to AZ for now will help put things back on the right track for you and husband. I also had to chuckle a bit when you said you purchased the ticket yourself. I SOOOOO would have done that, too. Well worth the ticket price, I must agree.

Take care - and do someting relaxing with husband.


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Robby I too am so sorry for this turn of events. We too have no contact with our son and he lives nearby (at least I think he does).

At any rate, I do understand. There is nothing I can offer that hasn't been said before.


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Sending hugs for you my friend.
Take all the time you need. I also tend to retreat.
We miss you!



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Thanks for the update, Cookie. Wish it was better news. I chuckled with Suz when I read you bought the plane ticket!

Hoping you and husband can regroup and heal. Hoping difficult child makes a fresh start, and begins to grow up.

(((Hugs))) for you my friend!!


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Sending ((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))) I miss you too but totally understand your need to go inward for a while. Take care of you and your marriage. You have done all you could do to help your difficult child. Time to let it go. -RM


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{{{Robby}}} I've missed you, too. I hope difficult child somehow pulls out of this tailspin and starts making better choices. Just remember that it isn't your fault, you've done everything you could.