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    I need to sell something online (locally) quickly that is a bigger ticket item. I'm really struggling with this. We have three bedrooms and need to downsize to two so it only makes sense to sell bedroom furniture from one of the bedrooms.

    My bedroom suit is one I bought for myself and I have loved it but could part with it. I'd get around $500 for it probably. Then, I have saved a bedroom suit that consists of two twin beds, a dresser, chest, and mirror from my childhood. My father bought it and I slept on it as a young child, then difficult child slept on it as a young child. It is old and in poorer shape and I'd get less money from it. difficult child is using the dresser from that bedroom suit in his bedroom but I got him a queen size mattress set and a scratched, discounted headboard so I wouldn't get much from that either. I'm having a bit of an issue though with keeping his and the twin suit and giving up my larger bed, meaning I sleep on a twin bed while difficult child keeps his queen. Then again, we might both end up with one twin bed in our respective bedrooms.

    Or, I could try to sell another bedroom suit (the twin set or difficult child's bed) and sell my dining room suit that I only got 2-3 years ago and I just love it. I could get the most money from it but we will need a table to eat from, albeit it could be a lot cheaper table than this. This is not an elaborate dining room suit but it was the style I really liked and I can't replace it- the style is discontinued.

    Votes or opinions??
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    It depends on the cost of storage if you don't end up in a new place for a while. If you end up in a shelter can you take your furniture at all? Have you priced storage units? Why not sell the more expensive furniture, move difficult child to a twin bed and you keep his queen bed? I would not put him on better bedding than you have for a couple of reasons. The biggest one is that he is NOT holding up his end of the responsibilities. He already thinks he is somehow better than you and is entitled to better than you have. If you go to a twin and keep him in a queen it will foster this in his mind. It is something that will always, in his mind, justify that he is better than you and should have better things than you have. Maybe at some point in the future you could move him back up to a larger bed when his behavior and attitude have EARNED that luxury.

    Other than that, how badly do you need the $$ must be weighed against how hard it will be to keep paying the storage fees for what you keep but don't have a place to use the items. Sorry I don't have more to suggest.
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    I would keep whatever items mean the most to you, especially those things that cannot be replaced. I also agree with Susie in that I would take the queen mattress, even if I had to put it on the floor. Parents have rank, and that means the most comfortable bed.
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    LOL! Thanks, Ladies! I had my bedroom furniture listed last week but didn't follow thru with responders. My initial thought (last week) was that I'd keep the twin set and eventually get a king mattress for it to go over two twin bases. And difficult child would keep his queen. (I have a queen right now, too, by the way) But I have a TV and cable in my bedroom and am not able to move difficult child's bed in there by myself. However, I could sell mine and sleep in the guest room (where the twin set is), which also has cable, and then when we move put the twins in his room and the queen in mine. I guess then the big job is going to be to empty all those drawers in my bedroom. Tomorrow.

    If some of this smaller stuff sells tomorrow I won't be in such a crunch but my car insurance is due by end of day Tuesday.