Who are you cheering for in baseball?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. SomewhereOutThere

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    I'm a huge baseball fan and wanted our Brewers to take the division, but now that they didn't, I want a Midwest team to do. I'm tired of the coastal teams. I'm cheering for Cleveland and the Diamondbacks the most because I also grew up in Chicago and hate the Cubs (also a White Sox fan). I'm not that interested in Red Sox and Angels--didn't watch the game--dislike both teams A LOT. Hate the Yankees even more. Don't like "buy a team" teams...lol. Anyways thought I'd start a friendly, fun thread about it since the playoffs are going on.
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    Well, being a life-long multi-generational Cardinals fan, we're still wallowing in last years World Series. But this year I just really don't "have a dog in this race". I'm more going against certain teams! As a devout Cardinals fan, I just COULDN'T support the Cubs - no way - no how. My family would disown me! And I too dislike the Yankees "buy a team" philosophy. I LOVE to see them lose! I really don't dislike any of the players (except for that toad, Roger Clemens!) and I greatly admire and respect Joe Torre - he has St. Louis connections. I guess it's just Steinbrenner I don't like.

    But the way it's going so far, both teams seem to be doing a very good job of arranging their own demise and don't need any help from me!

  3. Big Bad Kitty

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    Where have you been, MWM? We've had a thread for days now...

    I'm still wallowing in the Sox WS from TWO years ago. HUGE Sox fan. I laughed at the Cubs last year when the Cards won. Now, my younger brother (I think he was adopted, or maybe dropped) is a Cubs fan. So I pulled for the Cubs for the first 2 games against the D-backs.

    It felt dirty. It felt like someone had taken advantage of me. What a waste of a playoff berth. They deserve to lose.

    Hate the Yankees. Am enjoying seeing the Tribe make a mockery of New York. Hate the Red Sox. Was pulling for the Angels last night.

    Rockies? Where did they come from?

    I think it is the Phillies year.
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  5. Nancy

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    <span style="color: #000099"> <span style='font-size: 17pt'> INDIANS!!!!!!</span> </span>

    We are enjoying watching our Tribe beat the Yankees. What's great about this team is there are no superheros, just a bunch of really nice players who work together as a team and want to win and fans like no other who love their Tribe.

    Oh I do love Sizemore though!

    And those bugs have been flying around my yard for days now. I sure am glad they gave the Yankees some trouble yesterday.

  6. hearts and roses

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    Yankees, but not so much because I follow the game as much as loyalty to my home state. I hate the Red Sox. Again, out of loyalty to my home state, even though we're in northern CT where most people are Red Sox fans.
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    C'mon C'mon whats with the H word when referring to the Red Sox, I am personally not a sports fan I dont know much about any other teams but I do live in Boston born and bred and it comes with the territory that if you are from Boston you are automatically enrolled in as a fan of Boston sports.

    Go Red Sox!!

  8. hearts and roses

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    Okay saving grace, I used the H word loosely...I don't follow baseball (or any other sport) to be able to sling it around. I guess if you're from Boston...you HAVE to like the Red Sox!! LOL. :fan:

    I wonder if we'll be tossed from this thread because we're not REAL die hard fans??
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    It's quiet in Chicago tonight...man, the Cubs stink...
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    I did the happy dance when the Scrubs--er--Cubs lost. Cards fans and Brewers/White Sox fans (as I said, I'm both) are united in our Cubbie hatred. And now that the Cubs are a buy-a-team, I'm even more against them. I swear, it doesn't work to bid for these egotistical free agents. I'm also loving the Rockies!!!!!! I'm ok with either the Diamondback, Indians or Rockies winning the WS. Just want the Yanks and Red Sox gone! ESPN will cry in their beer if they can't have NY or Boston...lol. They don't understand that other teams exist and actually have fans! Forgot to throw in the Angels as a team I don't like. Not sure why either, other than their a coastal team. I prefer them over the East coast teams though. Phillies are ok, but I don't think they can do it.