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    Why the he** does the court request forensic testing and then not follow threw with the results of that test. difficult child had court today and the Dr that did the test did suggest what he said he was going to. Our son's JPO was not there so the "evil" one told the court that the report is inconclusive and that he does not meet requirements so they do not know what to do for him now but in the meantime he has to sit in detention until they figure something out.Why didn't they have a backup plan? Oh if only they would actually DO what they say they will. difficult child is upset and I am too. When the Doctor spoke with us he made us think that it was a matter of fact that the court follow his suggestions but we were lead to believe today that Dr also put in the report that difficult child needs help with his alcohol problem. What?? We keep telling them that he is making that up. We even spoke with difficult child's school counselor today and she was blown away with that comment. She also says that he never told her anything of the sort and definitely never showed any signs of such a problem and he spoke with her on a daily basis at different times of the day. I am frustrated--they want to get him help for a problem that he does NOT have but won't do anything for the problem he DOES have. I can imagine what else it will take --if the Dr said that difficult child is unstable and needed to be in a facility to remove him from the current medications and find out what the problem is to put him on the right medications--and he doesn't meet requirements---What the heck does it take. They said that value options wont pay for treatment. Oh I wish I had the money to get him the help he needs instead of them making him suffer.
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    Why can't you review the dr report? Aren't you still legally his mother?
    So sorry.
    The system hoovers.
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    There is something you just need to understand now. Your son committed a crime. Why he committed the crime is something that the "system" is not real interested in. It was nice of them that they sent him to get a psychiatric evaluation done. They dont do that all that often, especially when the person involved is as old as your son is and the crime isnt one they are wondering whether to go juvenile or adult.

    It is entirely possible that the reason they arent sending him to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is financial. The cost/benefit ratio may not look good on paper when they consider your sons age and the dollars they have for the programs. Just the way it is.

    When my son was young, we got an order from the court for an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) but the PO wouldnt approve any that I found. My son was 15 and would graduate from the juvenile system into the adult system at 16. He wasnt willing to use that money on him. Hoovers.
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    Well.....I think since this is still under 18? Right? Why not call the judges office and ask for an appointment to speak with him personally? At this point (unless I'm missing something here completely right field?) what could it hurt. ----Anyone? Your tax dollars DO pay his salary.