Why would difficult child want this?

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    You may recall that H and I had a family discussion about finances the other evening (and it went very well). Before the meeting, I had prepared a breakdown of what our household expenses are to show easy child and difficult child exactly what our costs are. It didn't detail our income, just our costs.

    Well after the meeting, everyone left the table and left their copy of the spreadsheet. I saved one for my books and threw out the other 3. I even asked the girls if they wanted their copy and they both said no.

    Last night, after a day out with friends, difficult child asked me if I still had a copy and if she could have one. I asked her why she needed a copy (I didn't refuse) and she got all huffy and said, "Nevermind, whatever" and went to her room. Her reaction, of course, set off alarms in my head that she was either up to no good, or, up to no good. Was she planning on sharing this information with her loser friends or what??

    Should I ask her again what she wants with it? Or should I just give it to her? Maybe she's completely innocent and simply wants to figure out how much she will need to pay her own rent, utilities, insurance, electric, oil, cell, etc?? I know, wishful thinking, but still. What do you think?
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    Maybe she wants to look for ways to save you money, so you can continue to support her in the style in which she has become accustomed---LOL. I understand your concern---I had to make sure to tell difficult child not to tell any of his friends about my new diamond. I know they have broken in and robbed other people's parents before, and I don't want to have to shoot any of them for entering my house.
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    Baahaahaaaaa-so true!!!

    I just can't figure out why she would suddenly want this information AFTER the fact. We discussed what needed to be discussed at the meeting, both girls were able to see an overview of our monthly costs and that was that. I certainly do not want her sharing this information with her friends but if it's just her own curiosity, then I don't mind.
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    If it's just a breakdown of expenses you should be ok. I mean, what would low-life loser friends do? Rob you because you have bills? If that is the case, I'll give them my address. They can take all of them!

    If it's account numbers, etc...nada.

    Sounds like a teen's reaction. Get all huffy...then hopefully rethink.

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    I like the breakdown - but how about instead of handing her the information you just hand each of the girls on the last day of the month and itemized breakout of THEIR portion to pay.....and have a due date on it?

    Run your house like a business - if your going to have a B&B - you may as well send out invoices. cha ching. And yes I'd add late fees and interest to any unpaid balance OR offer a list of chores above and beyond their normal expected chores that would show a price for completion to your satisfaction and then that amt. would be deducted off their monthly bill.