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Tomorrow is difficult child's IEP-I am very nervous. We stopped the last one because people we wanted there had to leave early.

Since that meeting difficult child has been out of school and in school suspended. We also found out his BIP hasn't been followed this year :nonono:We also found out that part of it was accidently deleted :nonono: We also found out spec.ed teacher has poked difficult child in the chest a couple of times to get his attention. Apparently she also yells which in the BIP it says not to.

They have invited a person from the district to be there. I really don't feel like we're asking for anything unreasonable but apparently they do.

Wish us luck-we tried to get an advocate but no one ever returned our calls-I guess if need be we'll just stop this meeting too.


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Sounds like you've been through a very frustrating ordeal. How irritating to have a plan in place and then find out it hasn't been followed. Good luck tomorrow. I hope all goes well.


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Oh Sharon - sending you my :warrior: and will be thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow.

difficult child gets suspended for physical contact??? Well, what about the *teacher*?? Egads....

And *remember* - when they tell you they don't "do" 1:1 aides, ask for the written copy setting forth that policy. :wink: Honestly - that just burns my toast.

Hang in there!!

I know how frustrating it is when the school doesn't follow the IEPs, BIPs, etc. It sounds like that Special Education teacher is totally burnt out and needs to find a different type of work!!!

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. I hope everything goes well. I like your attitude about just stopping the meeting if necessary. You're a great :warrior: mom!!!

Update when you can. Wishing you the best of luck and hoping you get everything you want for difficult child!!! WFEN


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Good luck. Just make sure that you get everything in it that you want. When 8 was in learning support he got nothing that could help him. The school psyc. said that he is too little to diagnosis with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) and removed that diagnosis so the district did not have to provide him with the services that he needed. Then I moved.

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Keeping every body part crossed, lighting candles & rattling beads that you find some cooperation on SDs part. For heaven's sake you work for them - how inane is this??????

Okay, number one - stay a whole lot calmer than I am right now!

Will be thinking of you tomorrow.


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Thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow!!! Be an advocate and don't let them get away with slipping anything by you!!!


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Sending positive thoughts !!! :warrior: I hope all goes well--Stay calm and focused...Fingers crossed.

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Thanks everyone-I appreciate all of the support-poor husband didn't sleep well at all last night because of the meeting today. I'll update tonight on how things went.


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:warrior: Here's tons of support for the meeting today :warrior:

Hopefully you don't need an advocate to insure the BIP is being followed, especially if it is part of his IEP. They know that you and husband know of what you speak, they are bringing in support for them! Keep it real and stay calm. Big Hugs.


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Thanks for all the good vibes coming today-I think they helped. :smile: Believe it or not we are still not done with the IEP. I do feel like we were heard especially in the area of the BIP. They were ready to reschedule because some people had to leave but I told them how I was worried if we waited with the BIP he could get suspended again.

At one point in the IEP I did start to cry when I was feeling like some weren't understanding his disability in related to the suspensions. It shouldn't have to be that hard.

After reading the report from the neuropsychologist and from the psychiatrist the person from downtown I think agrees the things he is being suspended for are part of his disability. When she put it to the IEP team it seemed most were in agreement but one of the spec.ed teachers wasn't. The district person asked if we would feel comfortable ending the meeting and rescheduling as long as her, the principal, husband and I remained after to talk about a plan for the rest of the year. That was agreeable to us. The four of us talking quickly agreed no more suspensions for the rest of the year! Yes I was feeling very relieved at that point.

We still have a ways to go at the next meeting but I feel we were heard. The person from the district seemed very supportive.
We meet again in two weeks and hopefully will finish up then.

Again thanks for all the good thoughts and warrior mom strength :warrior:

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Sharon - I'm glad that the meeting was positive & you felt heard. :bravo:

Way To Go on the suspension issue! :warrior:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Glad to hear that they are trying to make a team to help your son.
It is gut wrenching every time. Hugs. </span>


I'm glad that they are finally getting on the same page.

Way to go :warrior: !!!
Sharon, I'm glad the meeting went well!!! Way To Go:warrior: Mom!!! I'm glad difficult child won't be suspended any more this year!!! It sounds like you're making good progress even though you have to meet again in two weeks.

Hang in there... :warrior:. I also know how difficult it is to get an advocate. It's so frustrating!!! However, it sounds like you're doing a great job without one!!!

Now, make sure you get those :smile:'s in!!! WFEN :flower: