Wish me luck!!!


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I've been job hunting for awhile with no luck. I'm still working right now but only getting about 10 hours a week which does little to contribute to the household. Anyhoodles, the interview tomorrow is for a Event Planning/Sales position. I am planning on taking classes in the fall to get my certificate (didn't realize there was such a thing till I researched it) so maybe if I get the job, they'll pay for it!!!

I went shopping yesterday to punch up my interview outfit and found everything I wanted all on sale so maybe it's a sign???


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I would take the lucky shopping as a definite sign! :wink:

Wishing you luck and sending positive vibes your way!!


Going Green
Got home a bit ago from the interview. (Met a friend for lunch afterwards.) I thought it went pretty well. It was just one woman that I interviewed with and we seemed to get along good. It was probably the most informal and casual interview I've been too which I loved as I was very nervous. She had a full day of other applicants today but I played the suck-up card and ordered flowers for her on my way out of town to thank her again for her time and consideration. (Thanks go to my lunch date as she suggested it!) I'm hoping to hear something soon (forgot to ask how long she was going to take :hammer: ) as her assistant quit and she sounds like she really needs someone to start soon. I also told her that while I want to give my current employer 2 weeks notice, as I'm only working 10 hours a week, I can start with her immediately during the time I'm not already working. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


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Anyhoodle? Oh how adorable. You should get the job just for being able to create words like that! I love it!

I'm in the same boat with you. So here's to workywishy. Oh that just flat out stunk.

Hugs for the job


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I've sent thank you notes but never flowers after an interview. Clever! I hope she appreciates them.......and you get an offer PRONTO.

Fingers crossed!

I'm glad the interview is over. Waiting can be so hard... Hoping you get the job!!! WFEN P.S. The flowers were such a wonderful way to make sure the interviewer keeps pleasant thoughts of your meeting in her mind... Way To Go!!!