Woe is me.....

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wm called tonight - voluntarily, with-o a reminder. (We have a call schedule.)

I know when wm calls voluntarily the $hit has hit the fan at group home. As I've stated earlier, wm is scraping the bottom of the barrel behavior wise. wm made a "poor" choice today & is paying the consequence.

wm begins trying to guilt me then husband; trying to explain away his choices because he's never coming home again (never say never, wm).

After a litany of of woe is me & but it's so hard, I tried to break the cycle of negatives. I asked wm for one, just one, good thing that he could think of for today.

"Sniff, gulp, sniff....well, at least I'm still alive".

I know this is bad, but I had to hand the phone over to husband because I started laughing so hard I about peed my pants. :rofl: :hammer: :rofl:

wm tries the same act with husband. In the meantime, I started playing Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen on the piano. husband is slapping me on the head - asking me to stop.

It was so comical. wm handed the phone to foster mum & I'm sorry but she was cracking up on the other end.

Poor wm, nobody loves him....nobody cares. :hammer:

After we all stopped the hilarity, foster mum asked me how I was. My reply "sniff, gulp, sniff - well, at least I'm still alive". The laughter started again.

Sometimes it's bittersweet the things we find funny. Just couldn't stop myself tonight. :rofl:


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Poor wm! Poor, poor wm! :hammer: :rofl: :hammer:
Seriously, I hope wm's behavior improves quickly & drastically. :warrior:

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TM - we're seeing so little change, except for the negative. It's becoming more difficult to motivate him; to find something positive to bolster him up.

He saw psychiatrist today who's concerned - very concerned wm is digging himself in very very deep. Currently in discussion about possible medication changes. Additionally, there is a request for another neuropsychologist & further evaluation.

The bottom line is that wm is stuck. And for various safety issues cannot come home to live (not for a long while). We're doing the best we can with what we have at hand; we have a group of people working on wm's behalf - who are equally charmed & frustrated.

Done with the whine - as much as I hate the illness. I miss my little boy; the seriously cute, sometimes humorous wm - whom I love dearly.


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I hope wm can also see the funny side of this sort of thing, when he gets over himself.

difficult child 3 is also very melodramatic at times. It's hard to know whether to laugh or want to shake him.



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I knew that song would come in handy.LOL, Seriously, humor is one of the few tools we get to fight this monster...and I enjoy your sense of humor.

Thanks for the laugh this morning!!! :rofl: I really needed it!!! It's so important to keep your sense of humour (Spelling?)!!! Without it, I know I would have lost most of my marbles a long time ago...

I'm sorry to hear wm is doing so poorly. I know you're doing everything you can to help him. You're a great :warrior:!!!

I alternate between missing the difficult child 1 that can be so charming, helpful, and sweet when he wants to be and HATING difficult child 1 when he is in full difficult child mode!!! Then I feel so guilty for feeling hate towards him. Even though I know it is really his illness that I hate, and not him, I still feel guilty for feeling this way. You are so "glued" together.
Your posts always make me think... Thank you. WFEN


Perhaps you can take him a gift...a can filler with gummy worms.

Oh, Linda, living in this constant battle zone, one must find humor in whatever one can.

Wee difficult child put on a show for Mr. IHBT the other day. (Naked, and rubbing his behind on anything and anyone, it was so nice). Later, Mr. IHBT was talking about the "control" of our house vs. someplace like the grocery store. Wee difficult child can pole dance in our house and we will ignore it; Piggly Wiggly won't; I can't just keep right on shopping. The visual image that conjured up in my mind, so clear and vivid, made me laugh out loud several times. Its a good thing Mr. IHBT ha a sense of humor, too, and I'm glad yours is back in full force!

Keep laughing. If only wm could really know how much he is really loved.