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I think I finally found a psychologist who can help us! (My oldest (5yo) has ADHD, my 3yo is heading that way, and I have an already oppositional 1yo). We've been seeing a developmental pediatrician for my oldest for about a year and a half now. He's been recommending behavioral therapy and parent coaching since we started seeing him (and we also eventually put oldest on adderall (awesome results, by the way)!. I've tried 3 different psychologists for the therapy/parent coaching, and they've all been pretty lame. Anyway, I went to see a new guy on Saturday, and was describing a conflict that oldest and I had at soccer the other day. The psychologist said, "Soccer is really a basket C type of situation", he then started to tell me what that meant, and I let him know that we do the "Explosive Child" stuff already. I'm so excited! My biggest problem right now is figuring out what situation belongs in which basket. I think we are finally going to get some real help!


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That's great! You need to be careful about putting too much in basket A for a little while, only the most important stuff (health, safety & destruction of property was our rule of thumb). Basket B are those things that are important to you (cleanliness, hygiene, school work) that you must pick & choose between. Sometimes it's worth the fight, other times it's not. And basket C isn't on your radar yet (clean room, good table manners, chores). The thing is, your basket B items will eventually become A's while your C's will move up to B's. I found it best to actually write it out to keep you on track. It really helps to whittle down the battles so that you can get back to the job or parenting.