workgfg came to see me


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He called this past Saturday and wanted to know if he could visit. I was working but said he could come by in the late afternoon. It went well. Seeing him after 5 years was so nice.

He's been off medications for awhile and was very emotional. At 21 he still reacts to things as a 13 year old would. He claims he'll be going back on his medications as soon as his insurance is effective at his new job. We'll see, being compliant with his medications was always a problem for him. He admitted he is drinking and using and needs to stop. I didn't want to get into any heavy discussions with him, I pretty much kept it to "you know what you need to do. It's up to you to do it." End of discussion. I'm not getting caught up in it again. He's been through enough programs to know where and how to get help.

He asked if he could visit on a regular basis, I said as long as you're not under the influence of anything and can behave respectfully I would love to see you more often. I felt pretty good about the way it went, it was great to see him and I found it pretty easy to stay detached from the drama of his life. Let's hope I can keep it that way!


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I'm glad you got to see him after five years.

I guess you already are past detached at this point.

Lets hope you can begin anew and start building a new relationship. The ball is in his court, hopefully he wont try to see you if he is under the influence of anything.

I hope you are OK, it must've stirred some emotions up seeing him again after all this time.

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I am so glad you got to see your son, catwoman!

There is nothing that compares to the way it feels to finally hold our children again. :smile:



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That sounds to me like you handled it beautifully. Just stay detatched and enjoy the chances you get to see him, then go on with your life when he leaves.


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I'm so glad this meeting happened and that it went well. I know how much you hoped to be able to see him eventually. Maintain a slow pace, hold firm with your "rules" for visiting- you are doing so well. I'm beaming for you!

Suz :smile:


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just so you dont get into helping him financially or otherwise. I try to keep a distance from ant so I dont get drawn in.

I am glad you saw him and it went well. takes a load off your mind.
I am so very happy for you.

I have to say, I can't shake this icky feeling I have. I told you not to contact him. I am so glad you didn't listen to me.