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    difficult child had the worst rage she has ever had they have never been this bad or this long before here is how the day went.

    I took my youngest to the ER this morning she has the stomach flu since monday so she was dehydrated so we have to give her supasatories well we were doing that and she is only 3 so she is screaming and crying difficult child gets mad and blows up because her sister is crying I ask her to stop screaming it is only making your sister cry more and if you don't stop I will take your tv for a little while until you calm down she says I don't care if she is dying if she doesnt stop crying I'm going to hurt her. so I told husband to take her tv. That is when she went crazy. she was screaming at us she hates us and then start throwing things and screaming to the point I thought she would loose her voice then she took her sisters toddler bed apart got the slats to the bed and began beating the door. we just ignored her because talking to her when she is like that only makes it worse. so we just sat at the table and didn't say anything she kept saying she was going to stab herself with a pencil so we would check on her but she couldn't stab herself since she was to busy beating the door. after about 45 min. I told husband I was going to clean the livingroom and if this was still going on when I was done I was calling the cops the other kids were scared and so was I. well she must have heard me cause she calmed down she was still saying mean things but the rage was pretty well over. I checked the door and it is all beat up there are a bunch of holes in it. I am taking pics of it tomorrow and taking it to the dr. with me friday. I am so worried she is going to hurt someone. my neighbor had to say something to her the other day about hurting her brother at the bus stop and a few days before that the neighbors boyfriend was at the bus stop and she ask him for gasoline and matches when she was ask what that was for she said she didn't know. This is so scary I really hope the dr. helps on friday.

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    Wow! I'm so sorry to hear about your day. Hang in there. Hopefully you'll get some help for you guys on Friday. I agree with what someone said. . .find something to do that you like to do to help you destress. I know sometimes it feels like we woke up in the middle of a Twilight Zone episode. We need to take advantage of the breaks in between to refresh ourselves. I'll be praying for you.
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    I hope you can convey to the doctor (is it a child psychiatrist?) that these rages go way beyond simple ADHD. Furthermore, if it's not ADHD, Adderall could be making things worse.

    Since easy child's crying was bothering difficult child and two adults were present, one of you might have considered taking difficult child out somewhere until your little one was settled. Or possibly getting difficult child hooked up to headphones with an Ipod or DVD player to distract her. It sounds to me as if difficult child is very sensitive to loud noises and that might have stirred her up. You need to think about ways to defuse the situation rather than escalating it. That is not giving in to her demands; it is helping her find ways to cope with situations that makes her anxious and irritable.
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    Sounds familiar....sigh! After living through rages like this with my son wm, & mega meltdowns with kt for the first year of their placement I learned to put together a crisis plan for each of them.

    Any physical aggression meant an immediate call to 911 for help with transport of a mentally ill child to ER. If physical aggression wasn't happening I made a call in to our local children's crisis team. As many here can testify, we've had the crisis team out here many many times; we've also made many trips via ambulance to ER with kt. Non of it fun - it did get psychiatrist's attention for need for medications. It also pushed the need for a definitive diagnosis & treatment for my children.

    Hope today is better & that difficult child can hold it together tonight.
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    Wow. Frankly, that sounds way beyond ADHD/ODD and the Adderrall, I"m guessing, is just fueling the aggression, since it can. I'd especially be concerned about asking for gasoline and matches...this is a very unstable, sick child. I don't think the police can help. She's not "bad," she's ill. But she needs something different than she's been getting--I'd be all for a new evaluation with a neuropsychologist. Right now she is dangerous. You may have to put her in the hospital. I would put her in a hospital with a new psychiatrist. in my opinion this one has missed the boat big time. He has marginalized her problems, again in my opinion, but I can't imagine that this is not due to something more than has been diagnosed. in my opinion changing how you parent her can only help a little bit because it's not just a lack of compliance. I don't know that she can really control her rages once they get out of control.
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    So sorry you had to go through that!

    I would also like to voice my concern about adderall. My son had a terrible, enraged reaction to it and all stimulent medications. Talk to the doctor ASAP.

    Good Luck!