Would Appreciate Any Info You Can Share!


Roll With It
I recently saw a commercial for a company that makes wedding dresses out of cotton only. from as far back as I can remember, I didn't want to wear a wedding dress because fancy dresses seemed so uncomfortable. My mom promised to make my dress as comfortable as my jeans (and she did!). I know a few parents here who were in tears with their sensory challenged daughters because they couldn't find a single pretty wedding dress that didn't itch and/or set off other sensory problems. It is something I find heartbreaking because many of these moms and their daughters have spent years looking forward to finding that 'perfect' wedding dress together. It is a disappointment you just don't think about as you adjust to life with an atypical child, Know what I mean??

I looked at their dresses online and they are truly beautiful, in my opinion. I sent the company an email because this is just very unusual and it really caught my attention. After their reply, I suggested that maybe the NAMI and autism and sensory integration disorder communities might present a market that is not even addressed by the wedding dress market. Or by the fashion industry as a whole, for that matter.

I would like to share the names of some blogs and websites that might help them with identifying this market group. I will NOT EVER pass on the name of this board because we are not about selling products for any reason. I feel it would violate the purpose of this group and the trust we have in each other to pass on our family to a business, no matter how great that business might be.

Would any of you be willing to share the names of blogs and websites that aimed at the autism community and/or those with sensory integration disorder, etc...? Please send the info via PM, or conversation as it is called now.

I am NOT being paid for any of this. It isn't a business for me. I don't want to make anyone feel like they need to give me any info, or to upset anyone. I just know how challenging sensory issues can be and how hard it is to find a dress that doesn't send your sensory problems into hyperdrive. These designers are willing to explore this market because it could help both their business and those of us who have a hard time tolerating many of the dresses on the market today.

Thanks for any help you can give me!