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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by round & round we go, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Had a phone call three days ago from the father of one of difficult child's ex friends, wanting to speak to his daughter. I told him she wasn't here and he insist that she is here spending the week with my difficult child. I politely informed him my difficult child has been locked up in juvenile for around a month now. This man wants to know if I'm sure....huh? Finally I get off the phone with him and thirty minutes later there is a very very loud knock on my door. Peek out the window and there standing at my front door are four police officers. Long story short they were here for the friend that was staying with my difficult child for the week. Repeated the story to the officers but they insisted they look for her so I let them search and then ''insisted'' that they look at the court order from when my difficult child was taken into custody....didn't take em long to leave after that. The one officer did have to comment if I happen to find out who tore my difficult child's room up like that, to let him know and he will take them
    It just never ends......round and round we go!!!!!
  2. The man wants to know "if you're sure" your kid is locked up in juvie? That's almost entertaining. [Actually, in my world, it is entertaining as my sense of humor is pretty dark now.] Guessing the man had a freak out after he realized he sent the cops to the wrong house. Oops!

    Hang in there!
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    Wow! Talk about insistence. Apparently "friend" has a habit of lying to her father too! Does he know he has a difficult child on his hands? Hopefully now you can have some quiet and they will leave you alone. by the way, I think I know the answer but have to ask the obvious, what was up with difficult child's room? I know, duh. LOL
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    Geez ~ what does it take to get thru to these people r&r? Are you sure your difficult child is in juvie? Hmmmmm....let me think? Yup, last time we went to court that was the order. Geez
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    Wow r&r - I was wondering the same thing ToDo asked, does that father know his daughter is a difficult child?

    I suppose the police have been so mislead and lied to in the past, that the word of a mother is meaningless.....

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    Actually, sad to say, I have asked that question too. Just as easy child was picking up difficult child traits he "spent the night" with a new friend I didn't know. In the morning I decided I didn't want him lingering there so I called and asked to speak to him. "he's not here" was the reply. Sure as heck I said "are you sure?". It was automatic disbelief response. Then, too, I thought maybe the "Mother" was actually a teenage girl trying to keep easy child/difficult child for the day. I know it sounds too dumb.......but been there done that. DDD
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    My son wasn't really the difficult child in the family but one Monday I remarked to a work friend that I hoped that my son hadn't been a problem spending the weekend at their house with his son. The blank stare on his face told me a lot ...
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    I'm wondering how someone lets their underage difficult child "spend the week" at someones's house without checking with that family first? Realizing that difficult children don't always ask permission......
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    I wonder if that guy's daughter is in juvie too? Sure bet the cops wouldn't know.

    When they are sent for a check for a minor who is at someone's home, they do have to look around. think of how many times members here have had a child run away to someone's house and been so upset because the police went to get the minor and the parents said they were not there when they were? It has gotten bad enough that sadly they do have to check most of the time. If they don't, then the parents wind up suing the police if the child was at that home, esp if the child ends up hurt in some way.

    I also know wroking families here who often have no clue who is spending the night with their kids. The parents have full time jobs to pay for the nice houses, cars, and other things they want. They also have groups they belong to, dinners out, etc.... and may not see their teens more than ten or twenty minutes a couple of times a week. I am NOT joking. Some of Wiz's friends were RAISED like that. They went to daycare before school, then school and afterschool care, they have a babysitter for after the afterschool care, and then by middle school th eparents figure they are old enough to be home alone. They see parents before school and several nights a week the parents don't come home until they are asleep. One of Wiz' classmates had a boy in her room for three weeks before her parents figured it out and it was NOT a big house. Not tiny but not huge. her parents simply were not home enough to realize that their daughter's increase in appetite was because she had a guy lviing iwth her. She was 14.

    I hope this father apologizes and can find his daughter. He sure has a difficult child, doesn't he? I bet she is with some guy somewhere.
  10. round & round we go

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    Yea he knows he has a major difficult child. That girl been in and out of juvie and rehab so many times I lost count. My difficult child was not allowed to hang out with her anymore per her probation officer and me and I haven't heard from that girl in over six months so don't know why she even thought to tell her dad she was here.....
    Let's just say difficult child's room looks like her closet and dresser drawers threw up all the clothes to the center of the room. Thats really putting it mildly. I am determined that I will empty and clean that room while she is gone but everytime I open the door, it scares me.
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    Beats me but I have had some of my difficult child's friends to show up to stay without permisson and if they wouldn't let me contact their parents, then I would load em up and take em home. Word soon got out that my house was not one to just show up and expect to stay without permisson. On the other hand my difficult child has stayed at people's houses for a week at a time and the parents never knew that I had reported her runaway/missing. She would usually give them some lie and they wouldn't bother to check her story out.
    Another way difficult child used to fool me was have someone call, usually an older friend and say they were such and such's mother and wanted to know if it was ok if my difficult child stayed with (insert friends name here). I caught on to this trick real darn fast so it became a rule, if the family she was staying with did not have a home phone that I could call then she would not be a guest in that home and you better believe I would call that phone at least once. Kids today are slick.
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    'specially since Jaycee resurfaced after all those years.
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    I know where my kids are and they are scattered hither and

    Even when both of us worked full-time, had kids in after school care, full time sports and all the other duties going on, I would have noticed it if one of them was missing from the
  14. TerryJ2

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    The man wants to know "if you're sure" your kid is locked up in juvie? That's almost entertaining.