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    Hmm...remember I complained 4th of July weekend re the nonstop home fireworks, firecrackers? I do not know why newspaper took so long to tell the story, BUT one man got so fed up here local, he went outside with a shotgun (rifle?) and shot at his neighbors, at them and their house. Yikes.

    OK so, some of you might remember awhile back I posted what it is like (for me) to have a hypomanic mind...and I KNOW you notice how LONG my posts can be, and how disorganized....yes. I always have like 482973 billion thoughts all swirling and swimming in my head, so yes, I get disorganized, I apologize. I am VERY chatty.....I go to store and chatter up a blue streak.....heck even at gas station while pumping gas, my kids marvel (my kids are shy) at mom who gets involved in a giant conversation at the pumps while filling the BUG! I am so chatty, so social, and have not ever had much time to be able to like join many clubs I grab conversation where ever I can cuz my son is a man (child) of the least words possible and husband is a man of all words are meant to slam him, and difficult child is a lady of well, I do not know what, and easy child has until recently been so busy anywhere except here at home. Oh yes, the dog and the cats listen to me, I chatter at them nonstop, and I also chatter at my flowers and herbs, LOL and even at the birds at my feeders.
    I know for long term personal relationships I chatter far too much far too often, I exhaust everyone around me. Unless someone is MORE hypomanic than I am, anyway, and sadly much more hypomanic than me is no longer hypomanic but full blown manic, and full blown manic people for me, seem most often to not make any sense at all. SO I usually content myself to justgrab conversation whenever I can.

    SO- I have all these thoughts about the news stories here of late....but have been pretty housebound with ill easy child. So, I am feeling sort of chatter deprived.
    Now yes, I have alwaysbeen um..dramatic......and bordering on frantic. But today? I am looking around at the storms damage, and the house and yard and cars and easy child and well everything. It occurs to me I do not feel very frantic, LOL. SO now I am wondering if I traded frantic in for menopause? LOL. OK thats a weird idea, but......

    OK so it seems we are in middle of the recent news items......sort of....well, not exactly, LOL- um...OK so teen easy child became preg at around same time all the controversial stuff about that pregnancy pact thing in the east? Now this week, my local news has had a huge surge of abandoned babies? and killed babies. ACK YUK< grrr. too sad. So it makes me wonder if any of that in the media has any bearing on how ppl are treating easy child right now at docs etc?
    difficult child - um, at time when her diagnosis etc was just getting going? thats about the same time as one of the BIG school shootings and all that began, and I heard of that shooting so often in IEP meetings, it was so clear (to me) that our school was very scared that um....any child on psychiatric medications MIGHT end up behaving that way, so they wanted to be rid of all kids with psychiatric medications..or something like that.

    OK, there is a house in my local paper, basement flooded with raw sewage. The sewage coming in occured becuz the village was working on sewer and something went wrong and it forced all this sewage into their home. SO their own ins is saying no, the village must pay, and village is saying no, we are not liable? Yeesh. THis week, our neighborhood is haveing something done called smoke testing and we got letters saying smoke might come up thru our drains into our homes?
    well, better smoke than raw sewage, huh ?
    we are NOT on a flood plan, and after Katrina, nevermind we are way north here.I got nervous and called and tried to get flood go, could not get. nevermind the fox river is nearby and there are many creeks......
    and sure enough since then, we HAVE had some serious floods here, partly becuz of all the new development. (our town and our county population has like quadrupled in 20 years)

    This guy with the pufferfish toxin? My news here said he had been under scrutiny a few years ago for something? by FBI? like in 06. Today they are wondering how come that investigation did not go anywhere.......well, um, PCs offender was reported to school and police in 1999 but arrest did not occur until 05. and it is going to sourt monthly but is still not even to pretrial hearing. I'm not surprised. Thats just how things seem to work here- and pufferfish guy is HERE.

    Another article, a lady was found guilty of robbery, BUT the chages for murdering her child are still pending. I am confused why the robbery case went ahead before the murder charges? I suppose maybe there might be some "logical" reason..but it just seems to me it sends a message robbery is more "bad" than killing her child?

    OK I guess since my coffee cup is dry, I better go start doing things around here again. I have finally cooled off some, its "time to make the donuts"
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    yeesh, LOL, I meant to add in here somehow that um......while I AM disorganized and ramble? Nurseing school trains us well, and we follow a certain script so to speak. There are certain things in certain order you do and report in a specific way. So- in all things medical.I do follow THAT script......and yes, it does help me address docs and nurses on my behalf andbehalf of my kids following that very standard protocol. Some of that I had also adapted to fit in with school and IEP etc.....while I ramble etc, I CAN learn and adjust to things------I presented an awesome objection and defense in probate court on my own against something my sister was doing (or her lawyer) and I was able to get it to be not disorganized. LOL. BUT day to day minute to minute LIFE itself does not really have such a script laid out to follow, no template exactly. LOL. Sure we have The Big Picture and Goals......but for everything in between, there isn't really one.

    Hey, I hope you have a GREAT day!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Dreamer... you've got a lot going on -- my head would be spinning, too. Maybe a switch to decaf wouldn't hurt... ;)
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    ROFL. Good idea....I do mostly decaf. LOL. and no soda pop. LOL. I REALLY hate caffeine jitters, big time. LOL. My head has always been that way, tho. its just "normal" for me. even if nothing is going on.
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    I thought you were suppose to be catching up on your sleep!

    You are getting me dizzy just thinking about how the news paints the events of the world.

    Someone NEEDS to start a news coverage of all the good people and things in the world.

    Now, back t that nap ----- Sweet dreams -------
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    There was a family about five miles away from us who had been out of town for three weeks while her mother was dying. When they came back, there had been three feet of sewage in their basement the whole time because somehow a 4 x 4 post had mysteriously been thrown through a manhole during a construction project and gotten lodged in the pipe at the street and 19,000 gallons of sewage was coming up into their house. The city pumped out the sewage, and the homeowners ins paid for the clean-up, but the house and it's contents are a total loss. They are in court trying to get the city and/or the contractor to pay.
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    LOL the news stuff.....I have been trying harder to avoid the national news some.but this is right here in my neighborhood. the sewage thing (Like so much has been lately) This pufferfish guy is here....
    the fireworks shooting thing is here......

    I was trying to ignore emerald ash borer, I have no ash trees, and they were not HERE but, now they are, and my poor sister is in danger of loseing trees..
    Then the gypsy moths were not here, but last week, ug, they arrived. A neighbor was gone over a weekend, got home sun nite to find ALL his foilage in his entire yard got defloiated over the weekend, entirely. UG. Gypsy moths are now here, too, and..then I went out to peek at my tomatos etc that are stalled and not growing any.....and I found japanese beetles all over MY yard. (they are metallic colors) I have been actively trying to avoid news since ?NIU? but, so much of it has been right on top of me. Or affected me or those close to me.

    LOL, maybe a nap after we are done with the meal I have in progress.while we still have electric, LOL. one of my neighbors has his chainsaw going 240. it sure is LOUD. and difficult child is busy with guitar hero- she has missed it while we have had so much elec off. its kinda loud, too. and easy child wanted to get in a bath and out while elec was on, so I was sorta watching out for her......
    Guess we are all in cram mode, get things in beofre power goes off again? LOL.
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    More LOL- wondering if we will float away in flood, blow away in tornado, get electrocuted by lightening, get bit to death by the huge record number of rabid bats here, get west nile from the skeeters invadeing us, eat tainted meat or produce, get heavy metal poisoning from the toys, lose our food to exotic insects, um, what else, get caught in crossfire at sons eye doctor, or at the clothing, what else?

    Get buried under record snowfall......
    get ignored by docs and ER and end up like some on the news.....

    My goodness, so many things.
    Aw well, me? I amjust gonna keep putting one foot in front of the other (Hey, YAY I CAN do that now! YAY) and just do my normal everyday stuff, eyedrops in son, remind easy child sip sip, let dog in and out and ppet kitites as I walk past them and just keep on doing the dishes, doing the laundry, sweeping, cooking, over and over. what happens happens. Truth is while I comment on it all, I seldom let it even domore than just skim past my radar. BUT I will be upset if I lose much more of my yard beauty to all this weather. The yard is my pleasure.....and this bizarre extreme weather has been very hard on it. :-(
    Oh well, I will just have to start it all anew next spring again ....
    I doubt I am ever ever gonna be bored. LOL
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    Ok, you guys scoot over for another corner for Dreamer.

  10. KateM

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    How many corners are there in this "chat room"?
  11. Steely

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    Too funny. I know that, I for one, need at least 2.:tongue:

    Dreamer...........your post sounds like my difficult child talking when he is hypomanic. Seriously cannot imagine that many thoughts spinning in my head.........then again perhaps since I am constantly depressed, that much energy would be a nice addition to my mind-web.
  12. Abbey

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    You know, we're all pretty cozy. I think we're up to about 54 now. If we all get together and bonk our heads at the same time, we'll make another corner.

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    Corners are only for the mathematically challenged. I vote for a round room.
    Dreamer, I've had days like you have, but it's usually after I've had too much caffeine, LOL. Going to sleep is truly an effort.
    I have to learn to stay away from the news at times like that, because I'll drive my husband nuts.

    All-in-all, you sound like you're doing okay, hypomanic or not.
    Take care.
  14. Abbey

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    Hey...I take offense to that. I was a math teacher for 22 years. Well, it was only 6th grade math...BUT I CAN DO FRACTIONS!!!

    We abandoned the round room because everyone kept walking in circles bumping into each other. It wasn't exactly theraputic.

    So, with sufficient bonking, we have made several corners. We can't go out in public now because of the head bruising, but we have our own space to...I don't know...chill out.

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    LOL, well hypomania is my 24-7 365 state of mine and has been all my life, so I am used to it. mostly. LOL. Some days I do betetr at keeping it not so obvious to tends to get away from me when a lot is going on....and when more is going on, I depend on it, lean on it and try to use it more..for ideas, for energy etc. it is not a temporaty state for me, it seldom cycles, it simply just always is......Years ago docs tried to fight it away, but that left me feeling very very strange, odd, empty, vacant.

    Sometimes when I post I post simply to put it all somewhere in print so I can SEE it all and then I put all the peices together like a jigsaw puzzle. Plus putting the thoughts out there gets themm out of my head to make it less crowded. and once it is out of my head, then I can ignore that thought cuz I can let go of it cuz then if I decide I NEED it back, I can simply go get it, LOL.
    Nah, I never ever ever slept much..3 hours or so most nites all my life...but I hate waking up with a jolt. I do wake veryoriented etc...and come wide awake right away, but....bleah, I did NOT like how I owke yesterday and today at all, LOL. the adrenalin was going so strong before I was even out of bed. But yes, I am tired becuz since July began the demands on my energy and time etc have been so nonstop and extreme.
    LOL, maybe the news gives me a diversion away from what is going on here. I think it reminds me things can always be worse. and it makes me feel for other people, and then I stop feeling so sorry for myself.

    I dunno, maybe me saying it all might in some way help someone else maybe? help them understand their manic difficult children or something?

    AFter I posted and saw what I had going, I WAS then able to get in gear here. I got a LOT done today. :) Now I am gonna take a bath with a magazine or book and cool off again.