Wraparound Service Providers Seem a bit Flaky


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Poor difficult child. Each and every appointment that the staff from wraparound services has made with us and with difficult child they have had to change. They've either canceled the appointment altogether or changed the time, etc. He gets so jazzed up each time over the appointment - then upset because it's not happening.

Newest one came today. His skill builder was supposed to meet with him on Tuesday, but they called to reschedule for tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. He told me he was actually looking forward to it because although husband and he have been walking each day, he's been bored all week. Tonight around 6:00, the skill builder that was assigned to him called and said that switches had been made in the office again and that she wasn't going to be assigned to difficult child, that they had reassigned him to another girl - who would call us sometime on Monday to set up a new appointment to come and meet difficult child.

I mentioned that we've had a number of cancellations/changes and asked her if this was "normal" - to which she replied that she had only been with this job since January and wasn't sure - that things were changing around in the main office, etc. I reminded her that difficult child did not like bumps in the road and changes in schedule.

How long are we supposed to mess around like this? Is there anything that we can do to change it, anyway? How would you all deal with it?

So far, we've met with staff 3 times and nothing has been accomplished, as far as I'm concerned. It's highly frustrating. I am not a very happy :warrior:.

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The initial 6 months of services (here) were iffy at best. It was a trial & error type of thing. (Not trying to scare you) That half year really helped find the right staff for each of the tweedles along with a workable & reliable schedule.

Be patient. If necessary, don't let difficult child know that a service provider is coming in until absolutely last minute (if he can handle that).

Additionally, if you aren't happy with the provider ask your case manager if there is another provider that is more reliable. We switched providers a couple of times before we hit the right PCA firm. The same with in home therapy & respite.

Keeping fingers crossed that this office gets "it" together soon.


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I'm glad to hear that people do actually get to utilize "wrap around services". They were a big part of my daughter's last discharge plan, but unfortunately we never got to utilize them.

She does not have dangerous (to others) or flagrant behavior to warrant engaging the in-home assistance. We could really utilize them when she is feeling more depressed and suicidal, but she was so good at covering it up and acting "normal" that we never knew it until it blew up in crisis stage requiring 911, ER, magistrate, admission to hospital, etc.

Hopefully when she returns home from her current treatment at a PRTC, she will bond enough with a therapist to be able to reach out and ask for those services or confide in us!

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I'm sorry the wrap around has been so frustrating. I hope they will be more organized soon. Hugs.


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Thanks everyone - and thanks, Linda, for giving me the hope that someday this will even out and we will see something positive from the whole program. :wink:

difficult child's care coordinator met with him today and he told her (as nicely as he could muster) that he was frustrated with all the changes. She promised the skill builder he's been assigned will be a great one - here's hoping!!