Yay! Handyman. And therapy.


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What more could anyone want?
Finally, I feel like I'm taking baby steps ... forward.
New lock on the linen closet.
Back door fixed so it doesn't pop open.
difficult child has therapy by himself at 3:00.
husband drops him off and brings him home.
I have the car.
Got my hair colored today.

Amazing, how the little things can make me feel halfway human.
Tough road ahead.


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My husband is extremely handy and can fix anything or it can't be fixed. Unfortunately, he is often too lazy to do it fast enough to suit me ;) That especially means our car as he has been a mechanic all his life.


one day at a time
I also married an extremely handyman this time around. My dad can't do anything in that regard and my first husband was a little handier but not much. It is wonderful to have someone who not only knows what to do and how to do it...but then actually does it.


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My husband is big into promising to do something and then taking months to do it. Or, months until I hire someone else to do it. ;)