Yellow jacket stings?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by slsh, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. slsh

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    Anyone have experience with- these? I got stung twice yesterday, immediately put topical Benadryl on, and then also applied ice to second sting (finger) 'cuz the finger looked like a sausage. Today the finger is still swollen and pink down past the knuckle joint (sting was between the first and middle joints). Itchy, not really painful but kinda uncomfortable - I think more related to swelling than anything else. I just took a second dose of children's oral Benadryl. The finger itself isn't warmer (or cooler) than the others and capillary refill in the nailbed looks okay.

    I think the first sting is a smidge swollen too, and itchy, but it's right above my elbow so not as noticeable or bothersome. I don't bend like I used to so I don't know what that one looks like, LOL.

    Are these like 'squito bites? Itchy and swollen for a few days, then better?
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    I got stung several times a few years ago by what I think was yellowjackets and it was miserable. Whatever these were, they have their nests underground and I made the mistake of running the lawn mower over it. I know you're not supposed to wear sandals when you're mowing but I did it anyway and several of them ended up between the sandal and the top of my foot. A few others decided to fly up my pants leg and that was a real adventure! Everywhere they stung me felt like it was on fire! That first night was miserable and the pain in my foot was enough to keep me up most of the night. But by the next day the stings had calmed down quite a bit and were just itchy, and the day after that they were just red spots so the really uncomfortable part didn't last too long. You have my sympathy.
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    Sounds like the same beast, Donna. These guys apparently have a nest in the roots of a tree that keeps trying to grow up around our gas meter. We cut it back several times a year, but the durned thing keeps growing (and husband didn't put the stump killer on it last spring - he's in the doghouse today, LOL). I was chopping down the branches and was just shocked at the swarm - lucky I only got 2 bites.
  4. donna723

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    These things that got me were underground and all I could see was a little round hole in the ground, and I couldn't even see that until I ran over it with the lawn mower! They just came boiling up out of that hole and chased me all around the yard! Very nasty little boogers! Good thing I wasn't allergic to them too.
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    Apparently meat tenderizer applied immediatley is the best thing for a sting....for future reference.
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    Baking soda paste is pretty awesome when applied to the sting immediately as well. Takes the "sting" part out, and helps with swelling. I thought hogwash first time someone had me do it for Nichole......but it worked better than anything else including OTC stuff. Because she IS allergic, she had to have benedryl too, or run to the ER for a shot if that didn't work.

    Ouch! Is all I got to say. Fortunately I've not had to deal with them, but I've heard it's one of the worst stings to deal with.

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    LOL - will make mental note for future reference, though will have to be baking soda 'cuz the only meat tenderizing I do is with- a mallet.... though at this point, a mallet might not feel too bad!!! :rofl: Sausage finger is now balloon finger and I have 2 elbows on one arm. Sheesh.... what a nuisance. ;)
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    I've tried the baking soda paste on stings too and it does work. I know it's not exactly the eco-friendly thing to do but I got rid of their nest by waiting till it was starting to get dark, then pouring all the gasoline that was left in my gas can right down the hole to their nest! Mostly it was revenge. Never saw them againthough ... at least not there!
  9. Star*

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    There are lots of home remedies that work..........

    meat tenderizer if used immediately - and if you get the stinger out - (use a credit card and flick the card backwards to remover stinger) then rinse in cold water for several minutes, using a paste of meat tenderizer and ice for at least 1/2 and hour followed by a couple Benadryl or swigs of Dimetap.

    YOu sound like you are experiencing anaphalaxys toxic shock - i would seek medical help and quickly - swelling this long is not normal and needs treatment. It could affect your other organs adversely. You are having a an allergic reaction.

    ALSO - if you have NOTHING like meat tenderizer - but smoke - MIX tobacco with water and apply over the bite/sting.....and leave like a poultice or scrape some or make some mud......(not the most hygenic) but it will absorb some of the toxins. Get to a doctor.

    As far as the nest? DO NOT ATTEMPT to rid without professional help - The nest can be HUGE......and thousands upon thousands can be in the ground or in a structure and need to be DUSTED.....with chemicals not available over the counter. It takes a few days for all of the bees do die. AND they may come back after the poison has died so retreatment is necessary. Yellow jackets are ALSO cover up any garbage you have - they LOVE garbage, chicken scraps, meat.....and soda. It draws them.

    Hope you feel better. But do get checked out.......
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    Thanks, Starbie. I've been sitting here today, trying to type with marshmallow finger, thinking that I really don't want to be the one to try to get rid of the darn nest or hive or whatever it's called. Two stings have been plenty, LOL. Thinking a call to an exterminator might be the smart thing to do. Much as I love husband, he's not terribly adept at most DIY stuff around the house - he'd probably fall into the nest, and if *I'm* complaining about discomfort, he would be demanding hospitalization and general anesthetic, LOL.

    Garbage is kept in closed garage with- lids on - been there done that with- possums and other various varmints. *Nothing* gets at our garbage.

    It's too late to do meat tenderizer/mud/tobacco/baking soda, right? Stings were over 48 hours ago. I actually did try to get in to see a dr today, but of course impossible to do. I was up half the night - no specific problem, aching finger but shouldn't have been enough to keep me up. Finger is still swollen tight, and I can't tell if I'm having sweats or hot flashes today - will feel really stupid if I go into urgent care and they tell me I'm just having hot flashes, LOL. I dunno - will see how things look this evening when husband gets home.

    Seriously - for such a small insect, they really are a pain in the ... finger and elbow. :rofl:
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911

    If your finger is still swollen by 6:00 this evening? You need medical attention........HOT flashes do NOT cause swollen fingers......

    And NO ONE that does not have a license should ever attempt to rid themselves of yellow jackets........ACTUALLY----------if the hive is big enough and you live close to a university with an entymology department? Call them and see if they want to come VACUUM them out for free to make anti-venom for shots for people. Had they been able to get the ones out of my Moms wall of her house ----they would have taken them in a heart beat but no way to suck them out of the house wall ---------the hive was IMMENSE......and they are aggressive and can kill children, pets......elderly. And you don't know if these guys are Africanized. (no I'm not kidding) .........Let a pro dust them (literally and figurativelly)
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    Late in the evening, figure out where the hole in the ground is. Fill a pop bottle with gasoline and pour it in the hole. They'll be gone tomorrow.

    I got one stuck between my foot and flip flop a few summers back. I felt like such baby - it hurt so bad!
  13. ThreeShadows

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    You may need to take Benadryl by mouth at this point if there's still substantial swelling. My Duckie has had to take up to 4 tsp to slow/stop an allergic reaction (but not to yellow jackets)... but call your doctor or pharmacist for directions specific to you.