You might have a difficult child if...


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I love these. how about:
..knowing proper court procedure
..knowing what a GAGNON hearing is(a parole revocation hearing )
that is advanced difficult child :rolleyes:


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-You turn off the phone ringer after 11pm
-You are well versed in "gansta lingo"
-The people on the night shift of the ER know your first name.
-The same police officer who knows the whole story always is the one to show up at your house.
-You disengage the ignition of all your vehicles and hide the keys under your pillow at night.

I know...alittle extreme.....sorry. :rolleyes:



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LOL. This thread is too funny. I've been a bit under the weather, and have been a bit AWOL. Somehow I missed this when I checked in earlier.

Melissa, trust me - I understand about the car keys.

At one point I offered to teach the class, "How to sleep with all car keys, money, and credit cards in your pillowcase 101"

In my case, "You might have a difficult child if ...

The township built a brand new courthouse when your difficult child first began getting in trouble, and after 5 years of probation, fines and court costs from your son, you feel like your name should be on the deed to the courthouse, or at the very least, have a wing named after you.



You call your kid an EX-difficult child but whenever his name pops up on your cell-phone caller ID in the middle of the day, you think Uh-Oh

You are afraid to turn your cell phone off for extended periods because....what if....



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the psychiatrist looks at you as maybe the cause of
anger explosions

seriously I have tears in my eyes from laughing at reading all the replies.


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....your difficult children psychiatrist offers you medications to deal with difficult child....(actually happened to me once) have alarms on all doors in the house get scared when it is quiet


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...You list the behaviors you've been seeing for your family doctor, and he just says "Wow, that must be hard on you & husband".
...You count an uninterrupted shower toward respite.
...The Pre-K teacher opens every conversation with "I hate to have to tell you this because I know how difficult things are at home, but...".
...Your definition of presentable has been whittled down to clean, sometimes.
...Strangers point out how much alike you & your child look, and you point out that she really is more like her father.


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Oh my gosh guys....

These are too funny and the best part is I laughing myself silly.... I think I scared the dog OOOPS!


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- when you keep your childs belongings in a hefty bag so he is already packed for the next out of home placement.

- when you are more interested in keeping the kid out of jail than graduating school.

- when the only graduation picture you have is from kindergarten graduation.

- when you watch Nanny 911 and think "good grief, I could handle those kids with my eyes shut!"

- and last but not least, you know you have a difficult child when YOUR difficult child tells you they are reproducing and you laugh outloud and tell him..."ohhhhh buddy, you are in for it now. This kid is gonna be my payback!"


New Member go to visit psychiatrist and already know the medications, side effects and prescribing information before he opens his mouth


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---when the police stop you for speeding, they ask about your difficult child.

---your difficult child has had so many jobs in one year, there is an addition to the income tax form


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...when the psychiatrist askes YOU for suggestions on medications...

...when your child was banned from his first store at the age of 10...

...when you have trouble remembering to use the word "kid" instead of g.f.g. in person-to-person conversations.


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Originally posted by Hexemaus:
[qb] ...when you have trouble remembering to use the word "kid" instead of g.f.g. in person-to-person conversations. [/qb]
I've done that!!! :Bonkers:


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:Sorry: I thought I was the only one who used difficult child in a conversation by mistake. I'm not alone in this either LMAO


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I told SO yesterday I wanted to call the "psychiatrist".

He looked at me and said "you can stop using all those abbreviations you use with your people online".

I had to laugh.



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lol Janna. I did that one too. Told dex I had to call the psychiatrist for difficult child 2. difficult child 3 overheard and asked me what was wrong with difficult child 2's pee and when did they make doctors just for pee? I thought I was gonna laugh myself silly.