You might have a difficult child if...


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Ok Kristy, "....your difficult children psychiatrist offers you medications to deal with difficult child....(actually happened to me once)"

and Hex, "...when the psychiatrist askes YOU for suggestions on medications..."

Are you sitting in on our psychiatrist appts?

Now, my input-
...I started seeing a new psychiatrist for myself last week and all he can say is "Wow.", "Wow?", and "Wow!".


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Your bathroom cabinet has more medications in it than "bathroom stuff."

The first thing you pack for a trip is everyone's medications.

You've called your child's psychiatrist and asked if the current dosage is the MAXIMUM dosage he can have...

You've made up creative stories about your difficult child to those who aren't "in the know."

You have a twinge of sadness when your friends talk about their 4-point-oh kids...



also first name basis: all difficult child's teachers, school social worker, school psychologist
you recognize the psychiatrist & therapist receptionist's voice on the phone before she even identifies herself
same receptionist recognizes your voice on the phone
you fantasize that mind melds could really happen & would "fix everything"


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...Your difficult child starts his own black market.

...your therapist asks YOU about how well different parenting methods work (happens regularly).

...your therapist asks to refer parents to YOU for help!



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...when your own counselor tells you she doesn't think she can help you anymore and to call her back when you learn to detach and say NO to your difficult child's.

...when you can name three different times your difficult child pee'd in public. 1. Watered the psychiatrists office plant. 2. Thru the back yard fence on a busy city street. 3. In a friends basement, peeing down the floor drain. Actually, I think there's even more times he did it!

OH I thought of another one!
... when all your spices are missing and you find them chopped up in seperate baggies in your difficult child's room! And yes, it is a felony to try to sell this type of "pot"!

And still another one... When your kids psychiatrist asks if he can use the kid/parent contract you wrote up as an example for other parents.


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the psychiatrist tells you to advise him/her if you hear any new information about their medications


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...the neighbors ask YOU to babysit because they KNOW after living with difficult child, you can handle their kids easily

...the therapist asks you to be guest speaker for group therapy sessions involving "difficult" children.

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...You're not even surprised that the new van and the car has scratches in it put in it by difficult child and his bicycle.

...Holes in the walls and doors don't even phase you anymore.


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Eggshell is no longer a term used for the things chickens lay.

The mother of your difficult children friend calls and asks what to do when her son refuses to mow the lawn..or do anything.. cause you have been there done that..

Rhino Skin becomes a daily necessity.

Butthead becomes a term of endearment. (Not used within hearing distance of difficult child).

The word Basket has a totally different meaning.


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...When you tell/ask your difficult child to do something(,even take a shower, or brush teeth,) you have to leave a minute or two for the difficult child to have a fit, then tell again


Oh, Sassy Girl,
How true!!!

Your bathroom cabinet has more medications in it than "bathroom stuff."
The first thing you pack for a trip is everyone's medications.

We're off to visit my Mom for a day since it's spring break & the very first thing I did was pack the medications!!!

I would also add that your difficult children can match your senior parents in sheer number of pills per day.

Reading all these additions has made my day.



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I agree...100% I copied and pasted this particular post and you should have heard me laughing :censored2: off last night...OMG my eyes were watering so much, daughter J kept saying "What mom?" And all I could do was say nothing and keep on reading and laughing.

Here are my top 10 favs, this was REALLY hard to pick too...

1 - I think this one was posted by judi when the police stop you for speeding, they ask about your difficult child. This one actually happened to me, sort of, when I went to help my Tourette's Syndrome with her daughter who tried to overdose, the attending officer was one who had tried to help me previously with difficult child, while walking out as the ambulance was taking my niece away, he how's difficult child? UGH!

2- You and husband finally get some much needed respite away from difficult child and alone with each other and all you do is fall asleep. Doesn't need any

3 - you have unknowingly stored illegal drugs in your home I'm not even gonna comment

4 - There is a huge difference in the tension level when difficult child finally falls asleep.This is a given

5 - when the school calls and you answer "what did he do this time"? before even saying helloOk, raise your hands if you've ever done

6 - you feel guilty for being glad difficult child is not home

7 - you get tired of hearing "he just needs a good a** whooping, or worse.. he just needs more love and attention from you ***EWE GAG ME WITH A SPOON!

8 - You find a porn tape and you KNOW without question it belongs to your difficult child and not your husband.

9 - You own a police scanner (or two) and you have heard your own address over it (more than once)

10 - "you have no less than three doctor's numbers programmed on your phone." I have 11 different doctors, but only 3 belong to difficult child, there are dentists for the girls and GYN for

all that you have in your living room is a TV, a sofa and ONE lamp. NO end tables/knick knacks or valuables This is the extra one, just because