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    Here goes: This morning I (stupidly) weighed in at the nurse's office. I work in a school, today was our last day, and I had a gyn appointment. The gyn Dr. would weigh me, so I weighed myself prior to going. (As you know I threw my scale away) Today, I screwed everthing up!!!!!!! I feel HORRIBLE, and can't be this fat. This morning 102.1, tonight- FAT! I ate too much. I had a slice of pizza, and a peppermint patty candy bar. Tomorrow I'll wake up feeling bad, and now I will have to starve myself to make up for this heavy feeling I can't. do this. Maybe I was celebrating the end of schoo0l? The gyn visit over? Am I crazy ? I feel bad,

    Tommorow's another day.-Alyssa
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    Alyssa, your last sentence says it all -- tomorrow is another day, a new beginning. Don't beat yourself up for a little indulgence! And don't try to starve yourself today; that just leads to hunger, then poor food choices and messes with your metabolism.

    Just return to your healthy eating habits today. Sometimes, we feel too full and heavy -- but a slice of pizza and a peppermint patty really isn't that much.

    Hope you're feeling better today. It's a new day!
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    Kate is right that you said it all-tomorrow is a new day. We all have slip ups. We all have days where we ate more than we should and there will be others because none of us are perfect. Be gentle with yourself and realize that it is o.k. to occasionally indulge!

    I know I did this week. I took off three days in a row of working out during the last week of school and ate more than I should have. I'm not looking forward to facing the scale at ww this morning but I also know if it's up (and it probably will be) that it will also come off again because I will be back to healthy eating!
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    remember that one meal does not make anyone fat. A slice of pizza and a pep patty will not make anyone fat and that is not alot of food. It is the habitual bad food choice and lack of exercise that make people fat.

    Today is a new day! Begin anew and always, always forigve yourself.

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    {{{{{HUGS}}}}} Alyssa,

    Don't let the scale win the war!
    I have a huge issue with weighing myself. It sends me into a complete tailspin. Something about seeing the numbers just makes me crazy, and leads me into very unhealthy eating patterns.

    Here is something I do to cope with the doctor's office weigh-ins.
    I had all of my doctors update my medical files with DO NOT DISCLOSE WEIGHT in big red letters. When they have to weigh me, I stand backwards on the scale so that I can't see the numbers, they make a little note in their chart, and I'm none the wiser.

    I wonder if something like that would work well for you. Just because the doctor needs to know your weight doesn't mean you do.

    You've been doing great. One little slip is just that, a slip. Don't beat yourself up. Treat yourself gently.

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    Oh, Sorry for having bared my soul, I'm back on the diet with no idea of my weight, and that's how it will have to be forever. I'm fine, and with a strong resolve. I just lived my life for a moment and I won't feel guilty. Thank you for your support, it means alot-Alyssa