You wanna piece of Me?


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My six year old in all seriousness asked me that question during one of his anger filled filabusters. I've been on this board for quite awhile now and cannot claim to being a warrior mom. I've cried myself to sleep too many nights for that title and you know what? I think I'm entering the next stage of warrior momdom. I just started giggling when he said that and couldn't stop. This, of course, didn't improve the situation but I think I may be on my way to getting some semblance of a life back. Can anyone relate?

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My difficult child often says that exact same phrase-I just answer no thanks! Good sense of humor warrior mom. :warrior:


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I think we all can relate. My difficult child has also said that very same thing. This must be a popular question amoung our difficult child children.

You are still a warrior. My difficult child is 16 now and I have cried myself to sleep quite often for the past 12 years!!! I really thought I might actually run out of tears, but they manage to keep coming. I think most of us need to cry sometimes. I cry out of complete sadness, frustration, desperation (thats a big one), and just cause life stinks.

I have good days too as I'm sure you do too. I just wish there were more good days than bad.

Hang in there


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Oh yes, that's phrase that's been said around here. It does seem especially absurd coming from a scrawny seven year old. The laughter is good I think. I'm always looking for the humor in situations that otherwise would have me in tears day and night.
Ah, yes. Pixie has said it as well.
She has also taunted me with "bring it on!" complete with the Matrix beckoning. How do you not laugh at that?

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OMG! I SOOOOOO would've cracked up laughing!!! :rofl:

(I'm cracking up just imagining him saying it)

You'd be surprised at how laughter and humor can sometimes defuse some of the most volitile difficult child moments, for both parent and difficult child.



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This phrase was a big joke around our house when my difficult child was just turning two. easy child would say, "You want a piece of me?" and difficult child would reply, "No, I want the whole sing (thing)!" easy child taught him to say that. It was pretty funny. Before long, all of her friends were saying it to him and it was sort of his trademark for a while. I don't think he'll ever use that one on me trying to be a tough guy because he knows what I will say. "No, I want the whole thing!" Maybe you all should try it with a smile. It should at least make them stop and think.


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Too cute! Yes, we've heard that phrase, as well. Laughter is necessary, I think, to maintaining our own sanity. Of course, when we laugh at difficult child, he gets even angrier, but . . . .

difficult child has upped his phrasing to sometimes warn us that we "don't want" a piece of him. Hee hee. Still funny.


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Oh yeah...I've heard that one...along with "Bring it on!" and "You're goin' down" I usually respond to that absurdity with, "oh really?...Interesting..."