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Whyme---we must be neighbors. I live right in the middle Chaos, close to Confusion. I left Denial many years ago when I found out it "ain't just a river in Egypt."


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And I live in Neverland ~ where difficult children simply refuse to grow up!



I live in a state of happiness--hopefully all of you will, too, someday.

Bite my tongue---I still feel the "evil eye" will find ex-difficult child if I make statements such as the above.

I wonder if mothers of difficult children ever recover from this feeling?



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The great State of Texas........and swimming against the current in a river of difficult child-ness.
Born in IL.

Raised in IL.

Now residing in...IL. Yawn.

However, for 2 years (before Tink was born) I drove OTR with DEX. Made it to every contiguous state except ME.