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The ARNP at the PCP's office started me on Zoloft. Work has been very stressful lately and the supervisor is not pleased with my "communication". Because I'm considered too controlling, I've come up with a few accronmns for keeping my mouth shut. They are DOI (don't offer information) and BLT (Be like T________) I put these on sticky notes and put them at eye level so I may view them all day long.

I think the additional stress at work has put me over the edge. Hence the zoloft. I feel flat, unemotional, not happy, anxious, sad, constantly reviewing situations, jumpy, etc.

So...when am I supposed to feel better? It's hard to even read posts because of lack of concentration.

I haven't been around as much due to husband has an online spanish class using webcam from 8-10pm weeknights, and having this flatness. I could use a few good wishes.


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I have no exp with this, However I do hjave exp with (((((HUGS))))) and prayers:
Dear God,
I know you and I have been at odds lately, mostly because of my impatience. nonetheless, I still believe in you and your faith in me even when mine for you falters. so, once more I have a request, please hear me and act. My friend, Sunny, needs to feel and know she is valid and loved. She needs to know how proud people are of her for attacking her weak areas. She needs to know she is your child and you will never forsake her. Give her a sunny smile today, could ya? thanks.


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Sunny, I went on Lexapro and it helped me quickly...maybe five to
seven days and I was coping again. I think it depends on each
person but a number of people here have endorsed Lexapro and I
am joining in.

Meanwhile, my friend, I am thinking of you daily and hoping that
this bump in the road smoothes out soon. Hugs. DDD

PS: Maybe what we need is for Deb to head down South again so
we can inhale some beverages???

saving grace

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Sunny, I was on Zoloft for awhile, it took about 2 weeks to really notice a change and then it seemed to creep up on me, Things will suddenly just seem "sunnier"

Good Luck



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I'm sorry things have been stressful for you. I hope the medications kick in and work for you.

My difficult child was put on Zoloft first, but they switched him to Prozac after only a week, as the Zoloft didn't seem to agree with his system.

As for this ...

PS: Maybe what we need is for Deb to head down South again so we can inhale some beverages???

Count me in ! :smile: We're trying to work out getting down there during the same time/same place this summer. I'll definitely be giving you ladies a call!

Sending hugs,


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Sunny, it took about 2 weeks for me to begin to feel better. I had to try several different medications before I found the right one (had problems with libido which was harmful to my marriage).


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Sunny, maybe a low dose anti-anxiety medication would help until the AD kicks in. I take a tiny dose of klonopin occasionally- it helps to alleviate the jumpy, obsessing (worry about every detail thinking), anxious moments without impairing anything else.

Hugs to you- I'm so sorry you are feeling this way.

Suz :flower:


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Forgot about that thought, Suz. Good idea. I have Ativan that
I can use for me (or difficult child) when we need some help. Usually I just
cut one in half and it helps take the edge off pdf. DDD


Hi Sunny,
my son was on Zoloft for awhile and he said he noticed changes fairly quickly, within a week I think. I do think it probably takes several weeks though to get the full effect. Hope it helps!


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I know most of these things take around 2 weeks to kick in, but just remember, but works for one may not work for another. You may have to experiment with a few different ones before you find the one that works for you.


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Thanks all. I can't say I'm feeling quite "sunny" yet...but at least my head isn't "buzzing" like it was last week. I see the ARNP next week so we'll see.

Deb, I'm up for a road trip :bravo:

Supposedly Zoloft treats anxiety and depression.