1. T

    Why do I always question myself?

    My D.C. Is 16 years old. I won't go into his whole history, but these behaviors have been going on for 7 long years. He was just suspended for 2 days from school for fighting. This is his 2nd code of conduct disorder (for sports). Last year he got one for smoking pot. The school went easy on him...
  2. I

    My baby girl, a psychopath?

    I'm new here and I have been struggling with my 5 year old since she was 1.5 yrs old. It started with tantrums so bad I dreaded grocery shopping days. It has now escalated to defiance so bad she looks at you and does exactly what you tell her not to right after you say it, even right after...
  3. The exhausted tiny bear

    Tired upset and I want to give up I’ve lost my self and my child

    Before I begin please excuse my grammar and punctuation or lack of I just need to get this out sometimes it feels as if I’ve gone crazy my 15 yr old daughter has never been the best behaved child but I figured her outbursts and fits were normal the doctor assured me there were no signs of odd or...
  4. H

    Please help me :(

    Hi everyone I feel so lost at the minute I do not know where to turn. My 13 year old son is a nightmare. He never used to be this way, we were so close and did everything together. Now I’m a dirty c*#t and it’s f you f this, he pushes me around and started to push my partner around too. He’s 6...
  5. runawaybunny

    Aggression in childhood: Rooted in genetics, influenced by the environment

    Over the past few months, many local cases of assault and harassment have come to light and been widely discussed in the news, both here and in the U.S. and Europe. Why do people have these types of aggressive impulses? To look for an answer, Stéphane Paquin, a PhD candidate in sociology at...
  6. L

    Convinced my daughter has bipolar disorder as she has every symptom..

    I posted on Friday about the hell were going through with our 11 year old daughter, I have spent years researching trying to find out why she is so different, she's angry, short tempered, unhappy and when she is happy she can't deal with her emotions and that usually turns into anger too! She's...