difficult adult children

  1. Littleboylost


    We finally have a bed for rehab intake! March 5th. I am hopeful and cautious all at the same time. I am exausted after a stressful week at work. And the work dynamic is not a healthy one. People suck at times.
  2. Littleboylost

    He’s Back

    Difficult Child AS came back tonight. We have seen him twice since Dec 25th. Today he rolls in like nothing had changed and he had not been gone at all. It is 4:30 am I wake to shouting and find him gaming. Words were unpleasantly exchanged. Shortly after I hear him go down the stairs. My first thought is...
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    For your information my son is NOT OK

    I was at work today my second day of orientation on my new job and I get a text from Cop Mom. “Just a heads up. I’m out of town today until late Thursday night. With my dad so no rides to school. That alway how I ensure they go. As that is the deal. All day everyday They are fine at...
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    Drugs, normal teen crap and life in Limbo

    Well it goes and so it goes. AS is staying close to home and if he isn’t here he is spending time with his new found girlfriend. Pardon me if I don’t get too close or excited about the girl. He has had 5 GFs in the past 2 years. He goes to school and is late at times. We have covered the late...
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    Son is in Jail

    Son is in jail. Essentially he is the biggest Duper going. A con artist extraordinaire! Drug addict, con artist and possibly a true sociopath. The day he met me and begged to come home he used 2 foreign account cards stolen from my husband to make 3 withdrawals. All in all over 12/13 days...
  6. Littleboylost

    Is this it?

    Son had declared he is off all drugs and does not want to do them any more. We said good for you! He slept all day Sunday when he was here for a visit. He looked very forlorn when we asked him to leave. We know he does not like where he lives. Today I sent him a text and heard nothing until...
  7. S

    Adult daughter not at home steals jewelry from mom and money and medication from grandmother.

    My 32 year old daughter ok asked me to babysit her 3 year old for a couple hours. I had to leave the house unexpectedly so asked my 84 year old mother to come over until I returned. My mom and granddaughter were on the porch. My daughter had returned and was in the house alone. My daughter was...
  8. B

    Just my thoughts on why we keep coming back here

    I am one of the longest active members. When I first started here my kids were small and most of the parents had small kids. It was friendlier and busier before social media. My kids are grown. Most of yhe.posts are about older drug addicts or very.disturbed/disabled kids over 20. My problem...