sexual abuse

  1. runawaybunny

    Study uncovers 'sextortion' prevalence in teens

    Study on fastest-growing cyberthreat to children first to examine behavior in adolescents across the US According to the United States Department of Justice, "sextortion" is labeled as the most important and fastest-growing cyberthreat to children, with more minor victims per offender than all...
  2. HopeFilledMama

    MIA - Found Alive and Breathing

    Hello warriors, There is a cease fire at our house and I am resting for the first time in a year. Our very troubled bio son has been home from an Residential placement for a year. He was discharged too early, without receiving help in crucial areas. So, while there were changes in some...
  3. S

    Need help, advise. Sibling abuse

    So we found out inappropriate things have been going on in our house. I'm heart broken, confused, scared. Totally not prepared to deal with this. It all came out when my oldest confided in a friend, who told her mom, who told me. He admitted everything, and said he's glad we know. He just...
  4. 1

    14 year old molesting a child

    My 14 year old son is being charged with a 2nd degree felony for indecency with a child. I thought it would never happen to me. The child was 4(girl) and a distant none-blood relative. This did not happen while he was in my care. My S.O of 3 years and I just recently moved in together while all...
  5. HopeFilledMama

    There is much more

    We went to my son's Residential Treatment Center (RTC) over the weekend to visit. For the most part, the visit went well. Monday we had family counseling. The focus was writing of house rules and consequences upon his (undetermined) discharge. The counselor had been on vacation for 10 days and had a report of some...
  6. HopeFilledMama

    Pondering my son's residential placement

    I read something interesting. A discussion about the healing that takes place inside a Mom when the child removed for a while. How when there is no longer the need to be caregiver, nurse, disciplinarian, police chief, maid, verbal punching bag, etc...the relationship can return to just being...