MIA - Found Alive and Breathing

Hello warriors,

There is a cease fire at our house and I am resting for the first time in a year.

Our very troubled bio son has been home from an Residential placement for a year. He was discharged too early, without receiving help in crucial areas. So, while there were changes in some behaviors (anger management) there were deep issues with sexual manipulative behaviors and impulse control issues. I have been living like a warden in a prison for a year. I love my son, but I just canNOT live like I was any more.

Son has autism (high functioning, but still ever-present); as well as Type 1 Diabetes (along with some other auto-immune issues) and all that severely complicated by sexual trauma by a peer when he was 12. A predator, posed as a "best friend" who led our son into the most horrendous of perverted things.

I have found a facility (after 25+ facilities that would not take him - mostly they rule him out due to Type 1 Diabetes) that is working with him. He is at the place of wanting help (I think). It is 2000 miles away. He was admitted January 12th. And will be there until his 18th birthday. At least. And I have no idea what we're going to do after that. I love him, but I cannot ever live like that again. He had to be watched 24/7 or he would self harm (not in the usual way), but in ways that tormented me.

Just wanted to say "Hi" again.

by the way...I am couched for a bit. Fractured the radial head of my elbow on the way home from dropping him off. God said, "And you shall rest." I am obeying (I have no choice!)
Correction: Should have said "Sexual Maladaptive Behaviors" instead of manipulative. Auto correct strikes again. (is there a way to edit a post here?)


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You can only edit if you catch the mistake within the first few minutes.

I’m glad your son is getting help.

The facility should be able to find a living situation for your son when he is released.

We just went through this with a relative.

They prefer that the family take over the responsibilities, but we have found that the facility is responsible to find a placement, at least in the state my relative is in. The client doesn’t have to accept the help, but often will if they know there is no other options.