10 days since Difficult Child came home from juvenile detention


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overall, I see improvements...

She really applied herself to getting caught up at school. Last week was the end of trimester, and she could have been expelled if she didn't complete two courses. But, she came so close, they told her to stop stressing, she could complete in the first couple days on the third trimester.

Yesterday she spent all morning cleaning and organizing her room. Usually, cleaning means gather up every item on the floor and throwing it in multiple laundry baskets! She had one basket of clothes that needed to be washed...and she did them. husband and I had washed all her clothes when in detention, as we were told she probably would not come home...and I knew I would have to pack up things for her to take with her.

She hasn't hung out with her old friends, introduced us to a new kid, that seemed really nice. He even sent me a friend request on FB! I haven't clicked OK yet. I guess it seems weird...but nice.

We have had a couple instances of lying...and that bothers me the most. I honestly think it has been such a habit that it's hard for her to stop, or even realize she is doing it.

Friday, she had a mini photo shoot with a woman we know. This was set up before all our problems... Anyway, it was a real confidence booster for her. She saw some of the photos on the camera and it really helped her self confidence. I guess she doesn't see herself as we see her. The photographer is a very spiritual woman and also talked to her about being Gods child...and that He loved her and knew her before she was born... Very affirming.

Well, I may post more later, but that is a quick update. Ksm


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It all sounds very encouraging KSM. I know you are cautiously optimistic and that is good, but she sounds like she is starting down the right path.


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I'm glad things are going better. With spring break coming up in about three weeks, start helping her think of something interesting and fun to do. When you live in a small town, it's not long before boredom strikes and leads to trouble. Maybe you could call around and see what places need volunteers for that week.