14 yr old father and parental rights question

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    No, not my grandson but his cousin from the other side of his family. Thank goodness!

    My question is this: this boy's family is saying that he can give up his parental rights to his child and not have any financial responsibility to the child. They live in Texas. I know an adult male in Texas cannot just decide to give up parental rights because they don't want to pay child support, but is this true for a minor?

    The mother is also 14 yrs old. in my opinion it's such a tragedy for all involved. :( That I know of CPS is not involved. It's my understanding that the parents just don't want their son to be financially responsible for his child.

    Anybody know the answer to my question?
  2. pasajes4

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    Look up paternity laws Texas.
  3. Sister's Keeper

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    I don't know Texas. I live in NJ and a father can give up his parental rights, if it is agreed upon by the mother and it requires a a legal proceeding to do so. My friend did it with her daughter's biological father, however, it was a very messy situation that involved custodial interference and a custody suit.

    This is something that I wouldn't advise anyone to do just to avoid paying support. What does it say to the child.

    Can they even assign support to a 14 year old? Around here 14 year old's can't even be employed?

    Consult a family law lawyer.
  4. AppleCori

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    Is there any possibility that the mother will choose adoption?
  5. mom_to_3

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    I don't even know these people, this is what my daughter told me. She also said mom and gma are opposed to adoption so it sounds like this baby will grow up with 14 yr old parents. :(
  6. AppleCori

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    That is a very sad situation, for all of them.
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    The grandparents will be raising the baby. Fourteen year olds really can't.
  8. mom_to_3

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    That's true swot, but the question I need answered is if the 14yr old father will be given any financial responsibility for his child?
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    Nobody can answer the question except an attorney in Texas or the legal code in Texas.

    I would fear that the father's parents would have financial responsibility until after the boy becomes an adult. I do not think you can renounce responsibility. But I am not an attorney.

    There is an attorney who is on this board who specializes in this kind of law. Maybe she will see this thread. But she is not in Texas, so I am not sure she will be able to help you, more than we can.

  10. Copabanana

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    I found this on a lawyer's website, rosen.com

    While the practice is in North Carolina, I think, they site recent California law, pertaining to the court's extracting money from grandparents for the support of their grandchildren.

    It looks like there may be potential vulnerability to both the boy and the parents, depending upon the actions of the maternal grandparents and later the mother. Any support is determined by the courts. It looks like the courts have broad, and increasing discretion, and may be especially motivated to use it, if there is any public assistance involved.

    This is where I found the article at rosen.com

    Also, specific to texas there is a family code online and a section on child support. I read some of it but saw no mention of circumstances when the biological father is under 18.

    There was a lot of discussion online about paternity testing, to establish paternity. If I were the grandparent I would want to understand what the consequences would around issues of legal paternity, and acknowledging paternity with or without a paternity test.

    Child Support » Child Support Articles » Are Grandparents Obligated to Pay Child Support?
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    Thank you Copa. :) I've had a hard time finding the specific answer. I won't hire an attorney because it does not involve my family. My oldest daughter is the one who told me about this and felt sure he could relinquish his parental rights to get out of having any financial responsibility. I just don't want to believe that is a legal option.