15yo wants to try acid, what do I do?


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My daughters are very close. My 18yo privately informed me that her sister (15yo) told her she just tried mushrooms and now wants to try acid. She said she has all of this under control and makes good decisions, but she wants to do this. I also learned she has a boyfriend who was caught using some drugs in 8th grade (??). For me, this is all shocking and new. My 18yo (a senior, popular, social, outspoken) drinks with-friends, smokes pot on occasion, the expected. She tried mushrooms last year, had a bad experience and called us. We Uber'd her home immediately, held her and all was good. Next day we chatted. She's the one who hasn't thrown up all night among her friends, takes care of others, etc. My younger was so cheery when she was little and now seems to have a low level of sadness or anxiety, but is also very social, popular, etc. She's more edgy. Similar to my sister and me (Im the older, sister experienced addiction). My younger has a very high IQ; adults often comment on her maturity and mind. As a parent, I decided to scare the :censored2: of out them regarding family members and addiction. Both girls have done school presentations on this sort of stuff and seem make smart choices always, until now. Big sis doesn't want to reveal that she told us (parents), so for now I'm rescheduling weekend events, tightening the reigns and seeking advice before we make our move. We just don't know what that move is. HELP! ADVICE! TRYING TO GET IN FRONT OF THIS! THANK YOU!


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Hello and welcome.

I would talk to your 15yo.
I don't think it's necessarily expected to drink and smoke pot. Lots of people don't.

Possibly your younger one is delving into drugs due to some anxiety/depression? I wouldn't think psychedelics would help her developing emotions/brain. I would engage in some conversation. That's just what I would do.


This is so hard to deal with because the kids don’t want to listen to us—they just think we’re against *everything* but if there is one drug I try to persuade my child not to try, it’s acid.

In fact at Christmas this year, the topic came up. My difficult son was here having dinner with us and he had told me already he wanted to try it. I don’t think he took my arguments against it seriously. Luckily, his older male cousin was here and brought up some good points for not trying it. I think my son actually listened. But only time will tell.

His cousin said, first if all, acid is a manufactured substance—it’s not organic like weed or even mushrooms (not advocating for either). So...how do you know who is creating this very potent chemical hallucinogen? How do you know that instead of putting one drop of it on that stamp you’re going to lick, that maybe an extra drop or two didn’t get added accidentally? Or maybe on purpose?

And, how do you know what kind of effect it will have on you? Everyone is different. Not everyone has a positive “trip.” People who are already prone to certain mental illnesses absolutely should not take acid as it can exacerbate illnesses like schizophrenia, or even bring on psychotic breaks. There is no guarantee that you will come out of your trip as
normal as when you started. And the damage it can do to your brain can be permanent.

My nephew had my son’s rapt attention, let me tell you. So much better than Mom telling him! But one more added tidbit from my nephew’s wife and I think that might have cinched it for my son. She told a story about one of her friends who had a bad trip and was so scared during the episode that she pooped her pants! No way, his wife said was SHE ever going to do anything where you could lose that kind of control! Ugh!

Whatever it takes, right? Scare the pants off ‘em! Best of luck to you in doing whatever it takes to convince your daughter.


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I don't think all kids smoke pot, get drunk. It's not a given.

Anyway, I am so sorry you are going through this. I tried everything I could think of to stop my daughter from using drugs as a teen. I didn't even really let myself believe the extent of her use.

In the end she would not listen. I have no idea how but even when I sent her to behavioral boarding school....very strict.... she used drugs while there. I would, in retrospect, made driving something she could do only if she went into rehab and quit. I was very soft and in deep denial and my daughter was a great liar. It is so very hard. I talked to her until my voice was gone but she paid no heed. Pot is healthy. Psychodrlics expand your mind. Blah, blah.

Her life is still not good. That doesn't mean your daughter will not do better. I would go to Al Anon.to get tips and support. I didn't do that. Now I go. Wish I had earlier.

I would not be lenient about pot or drinking as I was. I would not be lenient at all. I look back and feel I did it all wrong. Of course....who knows?

Please remember to try Al Anon and.learn how to be good to yourself. With prayers and hugs I send this two cents.


I re-read my post above, and my first paragraph almost makes me sound like I’m nonchalant about my son’s possible drug use. To clarify, I am not. I spent years warning him from the time he was old enough to know what drugs were, imploring him not to ever try them, and that included pot, cocaine, heroin, acid—you name it. I was very honest about the side effects from all of them, the addictive possibilities, and with particular focus on the fact that his genetics (both birth parents, both sets of grandparents with substance abuse issues) could very possibly contribute to future addiction if he were to dabble in drugs.

But guess what? He had a mind of his own, disregarded a lot of what I said and started smoking pot as soon as he left our home at age 18. The pull of peer pressure overcame all those warnings from Mom. And now, he smokes pot as if (to quote someone on this forum) it were his job!

So far as I know, pot is all he has done, albeit way too much. So if someone can scare the you-know-what out of him about acid and its potential devastating effect on the brain, I’m all in! However, just like with every decision he and all the other difficult children we deal with here will make, he’s going to do what he’s going to do. I can only hope that this time, he will take into consideration all the advice he’s been given and make the right decision.

And Mommy22, I hope the same for your daughter. Please keep us posted.


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I didn't think you came across that way Nandina.

Bottom line in my opinion is that they do listen to us somewhat but at a certain age their peers have way more influence than we do.

Some offspring seem to be more intent on bending or breaking all the rules. We have one like that and although he's much better now, it's a struggle for me to not always fear it could start all over.

The good thing is that now he's an adult and we don't need to let him live in our home.


Thanks, Chickpea. Yeah, my son has always been allergic to rules! Acid does worry me though, because he has anxiety, is on the autism spectrum and just does not use good judgment in general. I fear he would be that kid that has a bad trip. And he already has some brain issues. Pot smoking is not helping—I fear acid would do irreparable damage.


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At age 15, it is my opinion, that we have to take a very firm stance on drug use. It must show a level of irresponsibility that precludes any adultish privileges like use of car, staying out late on weekends. The message must be that all drug use is unacceptable. And we gotta tote that line.

BOTH of my kids had the speeches, they know I am member of AA, they know they are both genetically predisposed to addiction from both of their parents , they worked through a peer pressure resistance program and multiple books about substances and alcohol with me and they still, both, decided to take drugs and drink.

Ultimately, we don't have any control. But that doesn't mean that I don't bring out the big guns and go into the trenches with them over it while they are underage and living in my home.


Addendum to my earlier post on this thread...Took son to an appointment. the other day and he told me that in addition to the weed that he smokes (I’m already aware of), the only other drug he “plans” to try is acid. I was incredulous! I said, “you mean after all that talk from P, someone pooping their pants from having a bad trip, etc. etc. and you STILL want to try it?” He said, “I’m not afraid of acid, Mom.”

Ok...Just—wow. Three cheers for honesty!

Yup—we have no control.


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I was really scared when I realized that I really had no control over my daughter even when she had been 14. She could be grounded and still find a way to smoke pot, which was her first drug. After all, sometimes I was at work and sleeping. She did her worst when we were gone or sleeping. Even if I didn't sleep much she took any time we were sleeping to use all sorts of drugs. She TOLD us after she moved out! Bragged actually!!

Such a scary world. So hard for parents and so easy for less balanced kids to get away with ruining their lives....prayers.


Yeah, I don’t get the bragging about drug use or even wanting to tell me about it, which my son seems to have a huge need for! (by the way, he does not live in the home) I have told him countless times that I don’t want to hear about it, but somehow...it always manages to creep into a conversation every time I see him! He doesn’t do it in a braggadocios way, just sort of an informative way, like he’s talking about the weather. I think next time he does it I’m going to turn the car around and take him back home.


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My daughter has a perverse need to show me how she put one over on us. It's, I am convinced, a form of control. "There is nothing you can do to stop me. I have all the power" type of thing.

And when it comes to herself, she is absolutely right.