18 year old son has his medical marijuna card,now all he does is smoke marijuna.

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by nanafodg, Jan 9, 2013.

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    The only thing my son cares about right now is that he has enough marijuna to make it through the day. He smokes first thing in the morning and then probably eight more times through out the day. He has had many anger and emotional issues ever since his dad died when he was 7 years old. I actually helped his get his medical marijuna card, some how I was dumb enough to think it may help him, but all it has done is make him not want to do anything but stay home and smoke all day, he takes naps to try and conserve some of the medications, he has not yet finished high school. I am so tired of the way his life is going, I just do not know what to do, when I talk to him about this, he always gets angry and says that he will get his life back together some day. I am very afraid that this day may never come. He just does not seem to get it. I am tired of him sitting at home while I work hard and we barely survive. The only thing he cares about is video games and his marijuna. He barely comes out of his room.
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    Nana welcome to our forum. This is certainly an interesting issue which we have not had on our forum yet. Was the medical marijuna card given because of anger issues? I have never heard of that. Can you get his doctor to pull the card? I'm sure that will cause some problems but you already have some now.

    This makes me realize more and more every day that marijuna is not the harmless drug that some would have us believe. This young man is doing nothing with his life and it isn't curing the issues it was intended to cure.

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    In Ca, it seems you can get a card if you have a hangnail. You are supposed to have a card, but truthfully, they do nothing if you are caught with a small amount. My difficult child is a total pot head, but having said that, he lives on his own, has his own business plus a 9-5 job and is fairly responsible. After he turned 18, I never bugged him about it as I would rather have him mellow than having a meltdown but was vigilent when it came to smoking at home-it was a no no.

    Are you giving him money for the pot? If so, I would seriously think about stopping that. If he has emotional issues, he is just drowing them in smoke. Will he go to therapy? You may have a bargining chip if you are paying for his supplies.

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    If he hasn't yet finished high school, is he still a minor? I did not think you could even get a medical marijuana card at such a young age. Wow.
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