2010, The Year of Absurdity

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Jan 1, 2010.

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    I found the TV cord several days ago. In my infinite wisdom, I had put it in with my Christmas CDs thinking I'd surely find it the first wk of Dec. Huh. :whiteflag:

    So, yesterday, I gave it back to difficult child, who happily spent the evening alone. I figured TV would keep him occupied while husband and I were out at a hospital fundraiser. (Luckily, there were a lot of mainstream shows on.)

    Fundraiser was LOUD, old band from the 60s, about 600 people, silent auction. Lots of wine. LOTS. OF. WINE. A couple from Calif has started a new vineyard and wine company in Napa Valley and is jetting all over the U.S. to market their new products. All of the wine was donated, a marketing deal for the new company. The wife is an artist, and her art is on every bottle. Very cute ideas. Right now they only have 4 flavors but the sauvignon blanc was a hit with-moi ... I usually find it too biting, but it was mixed with-semillon and muscat, so it was similar to my fave pinot.

    I had 2 large glasses of wine. I had two small glasses of champagne. That's a lot for me.

    When we arrived home, husband took the TV cord and told me to hide it. He thought I'd put it in my office and lock the door, as usual.

    This a.m, I awoke with-the world's worst hangover and migraine. Many milligrams of Super Drug and a knock-em, sock-em Super Chiro cervical adjustment helped immensely. I awoke again at noon, much improved, but with-difficult child poking me (poking me with-his finger is aggravating under normal circumstances, but with-a hangover migraine, it nearly sent me into orbit.)

    "Where's the TV cord?"

    "I don't know. Daddy has it. Let me sleep for just 10 more min."

    Brrr--iinnngg! Telephone. It's husband, inviting me to Starbucks.
    "Where's the TV cord?" I ask him.

    "You put it in the coffee pot last night."

    ROFLMAO!!!!! It all came back in a flash.

    difficult child used to think I was nuts. Now, he knows it. :laugh:

    I'm going to be laughing all day.

    (And Starbucks was crowded, by the way.)

    Happy New Year to one and all!

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

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    So I guess you've learned a valuable lesson:

    Never drink and hide.
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    I thought I was bad. Hiding things and finding them literally years later... At least I don't put them in with my coffee. I don't think I'd survive without coffee.
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    You could have loads of fun hiding your own Easter eggs...

    I remember confiscating and hiding (with his support) difficult child 1's RF modulator (whatever THAT is - it was a black rectangle which connected to one of his game consoles, without it the console wouldn't work) and when he had earned it back, I couldn't find it. He was not impressed - after all, he had cooperated!

    I eventually found it in my sock drawer.

    Moral - don't hide things in the sock drawer in summer. I don't even wear shoes in summer, let alone socks!

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    Owwwwww....wine hangover.

    I've got Son's cell and camera in the gadget protection program right now. He just finished having another hour long meltdown (being up most of the night didn't help) and I kind of wish I could join them.

    Coffee pot, eh? I'll have to remember that one.
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    OMG, DaisyFace, now I'm laughing all over again!

    Glad I could be a bad lesson to you all ... ;)
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    That is hysterical!
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    :rofl: Now that is good.
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    Uhmmm....maybe I should check inside my coffee pot for my glasses I lost!

    Where else have you put things, Terry? LOL!