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    Wee difficult child had a neuro appointment, then the in-home was to come at 2, and I we were taking horses to the farrier at 4. I took the day off work.

    In-home had to cancel, so we took the horses early. difficult child was playing with the farrier's son. The farrier (an Amish man named Eli) and I visited.

    It was a beautiful spring day. Breezy, but sunny and in the middle 60's. The breeze was warm. The grass was greening.

    Dad spent it working with this best friend on the cruddy old tractor they'd bought and were restoring. They quit about 3:30. Dad wrote in his journal that he might have to take tomorrow off to get the lawnmower ready, that it was a beautiful spring, the grass was going to get ahead of him, and they were making a lot of progress on the tractor. He cut the sodoku out of the paper to work, laid down on the couch to take a nap, and never woke up.

    I hope this marks the last of the "firsts" that are so very, very hard.
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    Those intial firsts are the toughest.

    I still have those firsts, though. They just aren't accompanied by sharp pain anymore.

    I was just thinking this morning how my grandmother would have enjoyed both Darrin and Aubrey so much. Instead of hurting, it made me smile.

    But it takes time to get there.
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    Sending caring hugs your way. Growing up is a bummer as the "firsts"
    pop up and take our childhood innocence away. DDD
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    {{{Big hugs}}}}
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    You wrote that so beautifully -

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    It's hard to deal with the anniversaries. However, reading what you wrote, it sounds like he had a really enjoyable (for him) day - may we all go as peacefully after such a pleasant day, when our times come.

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    It is a nice memory... HUGS