A bit of a brag



We just got difficult child's scores from the Terra Nova test. She is one smart cookie! :smile:

She tested gifted in language again. No surprise there. But, in typical difficult child fashion, she gets sooooo angry with me when I use a word that she doesn't know. :hammer:

She scored above average overall...above average in reading (I cannot keep that kid in books), and high average in math, science and social studies. The IQ test administered by the neuropsychologist indicated average intelligence (99, I believe), but I've always said that I like to see how she tested on that when her anxiety was under control.

Now, if I can only make the school understand that just because she has the intellectual capacity, doesn't mean she learns the same way others do....


Mom? What's a difficult child?
That's nice... It kinda makes you feel good when something is going on positive in their little heads!!! It makes you feel like "If we could get you stable, you could accomplish so much"...

Our Nuero-psychiatric said to us that difficult child 1 has a very weird gift with numbers, pictures etc... he said her testing indicated she could be a great Architect!!! I could handle that!!!


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Well done! I believe, also, that a lot of GFGness in bright kids comes from their frustration at being denied access to an education at their level. Whether it's the system or their problems, it doesn't matter - the frustration really causes some behaviour problems.

difficult child 3 'failed' his first IQ test. They never told us the score, just said he was "borderline" and that he would never be able to go to a normal school.
His last IQ test showed a score in the mid 140s, with the statement that this was likely to be an underestimate. He gets very frustrated with work that is too easy, but he also gets anxious if the work is too "waffly". He learnt very early, though, to use a dictionary. He's especially fascinated with etymology (where words come from). Our dictionary tells us this, for many words.

I'm a firm believer in giving them what they are looking for, in education. Never talk down to them, always treat them as an adult equal when teaching anything.



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You go ahead and brag. You've got a bright girl there! I wish most people understood that the great majority of difficult children are at or above average intelligence. They don't realize that it is the child's mental health or neurological status that affects their performance, not intelligence.