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Hi there. Just an update.

Of course all of us know that our more stubborn adult kids may ask for help but wont take any advice.

Bart has been in court over my amazing grandson for four years. He hired a big name lawyer who truly seemed to be working for his ex,not him. Bart doesn't do stress well and was an on again/off again mess but would not dump the lawyer because he was afraid to dump him for many reasons that were mostly in his own head.

His lawyer finally told him that his Judge insisted that he and his ex pay for and hire a Parental Coordinator of the Judge's choice and that if he didnt agree to do it his ex would be awarded legal custody .

I won't go into what a Parental Coordinator is but he was forced to do it by this lawyer once before and it was a nightmare.

Bart finally took MY advice (I pass out here) and got a consult with a different well respected female attorney/part time Judge and found out to his shock that his ex lawyer had lied to him.

Nobody is ever forced to accept a Parental Coordinator. This is a fact. Why his ex lawyer lied to him and saidshe had no choice is beyond us. But what a relief! He will never have one again and it wont be used against him. Cant be.

So his new attorney is nice to him and open and very honest and knows his ex wife's attorney well. This has already helped. Barts ex is furious that he refuses a parental coordinator but thats too bad. The last one was a professed femnist who took ex's side in every area and made life hell for Bart. And easy child's have legal decision making authority.

Things already are much calmer and we are actually getting along great now. When Bart is calm, we are very much like good friends!

Now we plan to take the RV to St. Louis this summer to visit J. and Bart.

Ok now a Grandma brag. Please skip if you cant handle obnoxious Grandmothers. I think my two grands walk on water.

J has had it rough but he is a very good kid, never in trouble, lots of friends, very cute. Most of all he serms to have inherited the one good gene in my DNA, extreme intelligence/ close to genius.

There is a lot of this in my normally stinky family tree. I dont have it (shock) but my son had a superior IQ and Bart was told that J is the most intelligent kid in testing in his grade. He gets easy straight A's and is very mature. Sometimes he gets called a nerd and teased but he doesn't care. He is especially good in math and science and also loves to write books, like I did and his father did so he is also creative.

Bart's ex has none of these traits. Sometimes she calls him taunting names related to being smart.

I couldnt be happier with Bart and J. J is going to be in special advanced classes his first year of Middle School. J has been through a lot so Grammy (what I ask my grands to call me) is very proud. Being a nice kid to me is the most important thing. His kind heart. I talk to him a lot now. He has a great, very witty sense of humor.

So that ends my obnoxious Grammy rant and I hope you are all seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. I thought Bart would never end his lawyer nightmare but he did!!! I am proud of him too. He doesnt like taking chances! But he fid it. He found a new lawyer.

Love and light to all!!
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SWOT.. How nice to have good news for Bart!!
And how great that J is finding his way through all the parental angst and doing great regardless!
Just wait till J tells a judge that his mother is mentally abusive. I see that coming.


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Good to hear this.
Perhaps he won't have as great a need to vent and complain and release his frustrations onto you so often.
Glad for all of you.