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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KFld, Mar 17, 2011.

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    The other day I told my son that he will not drive his car until he gets his license back and he said I know. No arguements, nothing. Well yesterday in the mail I got a reinstatement letter and his old license back. Same beat up one he had was sent back in the mail once they saw he reopened the court date he missed.

    next we just need to car fixed and he'll be on the road again. I can't wait. My poor boyfriend picking him up every night at midnight is killing him!!

    Then I can leave on my cruise next week and really relax not worrying about how he will get to work!
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    Good luck! What's left to fix on it?
  3. KFld

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    That's the problem, nobody can figure it out!! The first place we brought it to got it started right away and he said it was the fuel pump my son put in, something wasn't plugged in right. My son ran the car out of gas which is what destroyed the fuel pump to begin with, but then it sounds like the mechanic didn't realize there was no gas in it and ran it out again. He was test driving it and called my boyfriend and said, the car was running great, not it's running funny, could it be out of gas???????

    Hello, if I was a mechanic testing someone's car I think I would look at the gas gauge before I left the garage, and then to call my boyfriend and ask him when the gas gauge works??? I don't get that part. But since then, this mechanic can't figure out what happened, so he towed it somewhere else. This is an 18 year old BMW that cost my son $1100.00 and who knows what it's going to cost us to get it fixed!! The car is now at a mechanic that deals with import cars, so hopefully they can figure it out and quick, because I don't think the last guy had a clue what he was doing.
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    Great news Karen!

    Sounds like you need my sister in law to look at that car. "Mechanic" number 1 shouldn't charge you as he sounds like an idiot.
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    Fingers crossed. DDD