A call from neuropsychologist office yesterday.....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Dec 22, 2009.

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    Late yesterday morning, I received a call from the neuropsychologist office. difficult child was scheduled for neuropsychologist consult and testing on March 2nd. There was a cancellation could I bring him in today?

    I was so excited. I packed a bag and we stayed at a hotel last night. That gave difficult child extra sleeping time and I wouldn't have to worry about traffic and slippery roads at 7:00 am for a 8:15 am appointment. (an hour drive with dry clear roads)

    The neurosych doctor was wonderful. He stated about 20 percent of kids who have ADD are able to pass the IRVA (is that the name of that test? - the one difficult child just had?) He stated that many kids with challenges do well until a "Shakesperean type" class comes along and they just can't not "fake it" any longer. They can no longer cover up their difficulties in learning. Like difficult child's Language teacher stating he is doing poorly because he "avoids reading". No concern as to why he avoids it. Just leaves it as is. I am going to find out why he is avoiding it - could it be he really can not comprehend reading? Is that why his comprehension scores are dropping? hmm - let's find out!

    I think this is so true with many middle and high school kids. However, because they did so well in elementary, parents, teachers, others often just feel that they are giving up on themselves - that they don't put enough effort into it. These kids don't know how to continue and really do need adults to look at why they are "giving up" - most likely because they can no longer cover up their challenges.

    If we find anything in difficult child, it will because I paid attention to his state testings and noticed what I think is a huge decline in comprehension. Teachers don't become concern with declines as long as the student is still within average range. I have a feeling that the middle school just looked at the 6th grade results not even trying to compare them with 5th grade.

    neuropsychologist doctor referred to difficult child's psychiatrist and therapist as the dynamic duo. Has great respect for their work. I had to fill out more forms and one teacher will need to complete some forms ASAP after Christmas break.

    difficult child went through 6.5 hours of testing today. We will get the results the end of January.

    I am really surprised at how excited I am about this.
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    WOW!!! Cancellations are rare, I am glad you could take advantage of this. It will really help him the rest of the year.

    Teachers mostly don't have time to compare this year's results to last year's. They are so swamped already that they cannot do this too. They also often have a child that the other teachers say did very well and then are doing poorly in their class. If they look past the "student is giving up or not applying himself" then they may question their teaching skills and doubt themselves.

    Mostly they just don't have time to dig out last years scores and compare, or to even dig deeper into what the scores mean. They don't have the training, mostly, to understand that the subscores can show big problems even if everything is in the "normal" range.

    NOT bashing teachers, just stating that they have huge workloads, do their best, but simply can't do this for every child. Most try their best, and can work with you if you show them a better way.

    Anyway, I am so thrilled that answers should be coming very soon!!!
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    I'm excited for you too! I really hope the results give you something tangible to work with. :)
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    How exciting a cancellation came in and you were able to get in early. I'm glad the doctor seems like a good guy!
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    That was a great stroke of luck - good timing.

    You are so right - many teachers and school districts will report declines but have no interest in finding out why they are there....

    Haven't seen you on the morning thread in awhile - miss your daily updates.

    Happy Holidays.

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    I am so glad you got in early! What a stroke of luck. Also, to hear you feel encouraged. That always helps.

    My easy child son did very well in elementary and middle school. Then in high school he started struggling but it was attributed to laziness or not trying. At that time I was so immersed in my difficult child 1's problems that I just didn't delve into his problems.

    He managed to do pretty well because he was so focused on getting into college. He really had to work his senior year while most of his friends could let up a little bit. Then in college he was struggling once again and got heavily into drinking and basically got kicked out because he didn't complete some community service. He was evaluated by their health service and they strongly felt he had ADD. He talked with me about it and everything made a lot of sense--and I found out how much a struggle studying was for him.

  7. ML

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    This is FABULOUS news. I am thrilled about this. You will have the results by the end of January! Amazing. All because you are a true warrior mom who is doing everything possible to give your kid every opportunity to succeed. And he will, mom. Can't wait to get some answers. Love, ML
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    Thank you everyone!

    No, I am not bashing teachers. I am just frustrated that State testings just don't seem to be used for the individual student unless the result is low. I think they are used more for schools to see where the school fits in on a whole with other schools. I guess that is their purpose. I didn't realize that it was up to me as a parent to do some of my own analyzing.

    Middle school and high school teachers have way more kids to keep track of than elementary teachers do and as long as a kid is passing their class, that is enough unless a kid or parent lets them know of any concerns.

    With so many kids coming through the classroom each day, it takes awhile to learn the ins and outs of each student, then the quarter is over and they may not see the student again. I think middle school does try to keep the same teacher with the same core group of kids (difficult child has the same social study, science, math, language, and phy ed teachers this quarter as last) so that does help. Hopefully by now those teachers know their students.

    It is so easy to chalk up teenagers declining grades on "laziness or lack of motivation". That is their age - they just don't want to do school anymore. I think that schools who are progressive in thinking outside the box are catching on that that is not always the case. The kids are hiding behind attitude to hide their inability to do something. They don't understand why school is hard and are often embarrassed so they push it away. Most of these kids are very very bright and will do well once they understand how they need to learn. We have to start looking at why they are not doing as well as they use to. What were they doing to suceed that is not working now?

    Not much going on here - things are mostly going well. I will have to get off facebook once in awhile and check in more often in the morning.
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    What a stroke of luck! Hope you get those results, soon!
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    Wow! That's so neat. I remember how excited I was, too.
    It does help to have accurate, useful information.
    This is a nice Christmas gift. :)