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    Unfortunately, she isn't MY easy child. LOL

    husband and I actually got of work around the same time so when he got home, we went to dinner. We get to Applebees and in ours, the big corner booth is in the corner to the right as you come in the door. We walk in, I look over and the booth has friends of our, her brother in law and sister in law and one of their other friends. WHile husband is claiming a couple of chair at the bar, I go over to talk to the group. When I get there, I noticed that the booth in FRONT of them, is C, the 16 year old daughter of our friends and, who I assume to be, her boyfriend.

    The poor girl. :slap:

    Turns out, C and said boy are on a DATE. C's parents, aunt, uncle, family friend honestly just decided to hit Applebees not knowing that's where C was. AND, they were seated directly behind them.

    C, the poor thing, looked at me with a look that just screamed, "Dear GOD help me!!!"

    So, being the sweet friends husband and I are......hee hee hee hee. We ordered a chocolate shake complete with whip cream, cherry and TWO straws and had it sent over to C and her boyfriend. :bigsmile:
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    AWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! YOU AND UNKLEY B are the best!
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    I thought you were gonna say you invited her family to join you and YOUR table. lol

    But I guess the shake works too. Poor kid.
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    Awww, lol!!!
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    P.S. The privacy issue here reminds of of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. :)
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    ...Poor kid...

    Only thing worse would be OUR family...
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    That poor kid! She probably thinks her family is stalking her!

    We had that happen once in our family but it was hysterical! I visited my St. Louis relatives and about twenty of the cousins and spouses had tickets to a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. My cousin Carol's oldest son and his friends just happened to have tickets to the same game. He's a grown married man with kids but still hangs around with his disreputable friends from high school that Carol has never approved of. One of these friends was getting married so they decided to celebrate his bachelor party by getting drunk and rowdy at the ball game. And completely by coincidence, in a 50,000 seat stadium, the seats that he and his friends had were directly behind ours! He not only found himself sitting behind twenty of his 50-65 year old relatives, his own seat was directly behind his mother! Every few minutes she would turn around, look at him, and bust out laughing hysterically. Sure put a damper on their plans!
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    LOL, I took Kiddo there yesterday before the movie for her birthday, pointed out the booth and told her your story. She didn't understand why C would be mortified. She also said she never wants to date but refused to give it to me in writing because she might change her mind one day.
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    Smart kid! What movie did you see?
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    X-Men: First Class. Hoping to get back out in a few weeks to see Green Lantern.