A fine bunch of lushes


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So, yesterday I wake up to find a 12-pack of "twisted tea" missing one can on my porch.

On it is a note from my neighbor. "Tried it. Hated it."

I put a couple of cans in the fridge and then decided to have one with dinner. I figured WTH, I like iced tea and I like hard cider. Hard iced tea can't be too awful, right?

WRONG! It tastes like hand sanitizer smells. I pour out the opened can. Thought about it some. The stuff has to be at least fifteen dollars a 12pack and it's a shame for it to go to waste.

Call a couple of neighbors. Nope. They don't want it. Think some more. SOMEONE has to drink this stuff. They sell it at all the gas stations in town.

The upshot of this is that due to having neighbors who are either on the wagon or picky about their alcohol, I got out of bed this AM and opened and poured 10 cans of Twisted Tea down the kitchen drain!

The cans are crushed. The case they came in is broken down. All of it is in my recycling bin.

I called the guy who gave it to me. His reaction? "Hmmmm...maybe it'll help clear out the drains."

Gee thanks! And who in their right mind buys a 12pack of something one's never tried before. They sell individual "tall" (24oz) cans of the stuff up here.

When my preferred liquor store opens up, I'm going to buy a bottle of cider and drown my sorrows in it tonight...if I can finish it. I usually wind up drinking 2/3 of a bottle and deciding I've had enough.

Twisted Tea...that stuff is NASTY!


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LOL! Nothing makes me madder than ordering a $9 drink at a restaurant that tastes like crap. Seriously the last one I ordered tasted like alcoholic grapefruit and was so bad I gagged. My friend got a cherry flavored one at the same time and I swear it tasted like cough syrup. Say what you will but I am a girlly drinker I want something that tastes like a desert or a beer NOT a cleaner or a cough and cold medication.

I guess if I ever become a drunk it will have to be off something like peach schnapps! :))))))


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I'm not a "girly" drinker other than liking a GOOD margarita every few years. Last time I ordered a Margarita, I got lemon-lime flavoured cheap tequila. Ugh!

I like single-malt Scotch (don't buy it because I can't afford my tastes), good beer, and good hard cider.

I'm a real lightweight. One drink and done, and I don't drink often. I was just surprised that I couldn't get rid of the Twisted Tea as it's a real alcohol culture up here. They drink like fish. (and drive, which is another rant)

There's a big push towards what the British call "alco-pop" up here. Fruit flavoured, high alcohol beverages that are "drink to get drunk". It's no different than when I was working in a liquor store years ago and people would come in and buy a pt of cheap Vodka and a liter of soda to mix with it. The idea is to kill the taste of the alcohol.

It has gotten really bad up here in the past three years. More alcohol related incidents/accidents, lots of meth and heroin, and the jail has a revolving door.

Because of that, I figured someone would want the tea. I don't like to waste stuff, but I'm not drinking something that tastes vile for the sake of the alcohol.


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There are alcoholic drinks specifically to get you drunk??? Is this in the U.S? Yuk!!!! What a bad idea. (Just my opinion) :)

If you want to kill the taste of alcohol, why not just have the drink without alcohol?

Things that makes this non-drinker go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :) :/


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This is a big deal in the US, and up here parent's groups and healthcare professionals are trying to get these drinks pulled off the market. A 24oz can of "4 Loko" at 8% alcohol will get you good and drunk for under two dollars.

There are "cocktails" I like that don't have alcohol in them. I always have a bottle of Bloody Mary Mix in my fridge. I love the stuff. I hate real Bloody Mary's as the alcohol tastes bad with the tomato juice and spices.

I'm a bit more familiar than I'd like due to both working in the liquor industry and being friends with a liquor store owner up here who went out of business due to not being able to stay on top of under-aged or "over-served" drinkers.

There aren't a lot of good paying jobs up here. We are within spitting distance of two Indian reservations. There are a LOT of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) children up here and it's very sad.

Earlier today I got hit in the Walmart parking lot. A woman backed into the front bumper of my car. Scraped it all to hell, The good news is that she's insured by the same ins company I am, so I don't have to pay the deductible for the repairs.

The bad news was that she was drunk at 9:30AM. That means the insurance won't pay for the accident. They'll pay to fix my car and then go after her for the $$$.

At least the repair work isn't a big deal. They just have to order a new "skin" for the bumper, put it on, and match the paint. I am taking the car in Monday and should have it back by Thursday.

The shop is giving me a loaner to drive, hopefully NOT a huge pickup or something similar


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Just wow.

Bet we have that here.

After all, Wisconsin is the second biggest drinking state in the country. Forgot what was first. Either Massachusetts for New Mexico.

Sad, sad, sad.

So sorry about your car. Glad your insurance will fix it for you and glad you got a loaner.


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You're in central I WI, right? If so, you've got it there as well. Add in that if you are in a college town, binge drinking is rampant.

WI is second only to New Mexico is alcohol related incidents, but has the "honor" of having the highest rate of alcohol-related traffic fatalities in the country. I avoid the roads outside of town at night and with good reason.

This is why my auto insurance is higher up here in Rhinelander than it was in Chicago. Someone's got to subsidize the drunks. What infuriates me is reading the police "blotter" in the local paper and seeing people who've been busted for the sixth or seventh time on OWI. They drive without licenses and insurance up here as well. That was why I was pleasantly surprised to find that the woman who clobbered me not only had insurance, but was with the same company I am. Gets rid of a lot of hassle. Of course, after this,s he will no longer be with her ins company. American Family in this county won't insure if you've had an OWI.


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Ah, so you are a neighbor...lol. Hi there. Always good to chat with a fellow Wisconsinite.

I guess I'm unaware because I don't drink. My oldest daughter did. My two youngest, to the best of my knowledge, don't drink. Jumper is in a college dorm now so who knows, but I've never called her and heard her maybe drunk and her FB posts do not include partying. They are pretty boring. She is going into criminal jutice so is mindful of being well behave,plus she is not rebellious by nature. We'll see.

I'm glad this wasn't around for the oldest daughter though. "Dangerous" wasn't a word that she knew :/

I'm not in a college town. I'm near one (Stevens Point). I actually live in Wood county, not Portage. But when we moved up here from Illinois some sixteen years ago, I was shocked at how many taverns there were...lol. Not that people in Illinois don't drink, just that drinking is very much a proud part of Wisconsin culture. The first week we moved there, we were assaulted by neighbors who meant to be friendly by asking us to join them in taverns or sports bars...lol.


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You're about 90 miles from me, it sounds like. I drive right through Wausau and the Point whenever I head south for visits.

Yeah. if someone wants to be friendly up here, they ask you out to a tavern as opposed to for a coffee. I don't like being drunk. And drunks drive me crazy. I'm not into sports other than horse racing and baseball, so a sports bar doesn't thrill me. We have more taverns in town than we do churches, and we have a LOT of churches.

My next=door neighbour keeps inviting out to a local supper-club. He takes a cab there so he can drink, which is something, but if I were to accept, I'd be driving and not drinking. He makes me slightly crazy sober, so I doubt I'd enjoy his company if he were drinking.