A good Monday morning to you.....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Mar 3, 2008.

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    The weekend is over - kt is back from respite. Yup, they remembered to drop her off. :2dissapointed::bigsmile: She came home full of antics & somehow managed to buy herself 2 pair of thong underwear at the dollar store. Now why staff is allowing these girls to buy underwear is beyond me - thong underwear has always reminded me, in some ways, of flossing. Not very comfortable. :rofl:

    I had a relaxing respite weekend - husband, the poor guy, was sick the entire time with the stomach flu. If I hadn't been sleeping so much I'd have felt sorry for the man. I did find the energy yesterday afternoon to make up a pot of homemade chicken soup. He loves the seasoning in my broth.

    It's to be a busy week - nothing much until Wednesday & then the stuff hits the fan. Nothing I couldn't or didn't handle a year or so ago - now it takes me down. The one appointment I may be able to skip but don't want to is wm's IEP. However, mental health case manager promised he'd take my notes in & make sure it was handled. I can trust him to do that. I also talked with foster mum yesterday & she agreed with all my input & was going to cover it as well. So if I can't make the meeting I have people - people I can trust. :its_all_good:

    I hope you have a fruitful day today - that you accomplish all you set out to do. difficult children need to be cooperative & use their newly learned skills today. PCs & DHs are to serve dinner. I think that covers it. Remember, it's mother's day every day; otherwise I'm only being mom one day a year! :bigsmile::painter:
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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend! Your poor husband-the stomach flu-yuck! I hope he is feeling better soon. I'll let husband and easy child know they are to serve me dinner!:D

    It could be a crazy drive to work. Freezing rain and snow is a possibility.

    Long day ahead. After work easy child has a much needed therapist appointment. After that a quick visit to see difficult child. Maybe after dinner I'll take in a trip to the health club. I'm hoping I have the energy left!

    Enjoy your Monday-find reasons to smile today!:flowers:
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    :stalker: Is it Monday already??? :geek: Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!

    Linda, I would ordinarily take your advice and let easy child do the cooking, but I am combining a WW recipe and my own ideas and making a chicken stir fry with pinapples, yellow peppers, raisins, and onions. easy child wears a thong and I just don't see how it it comfortable - but she loves them and all her friends wear them too! Go figure..... :embarrassed:

    Sharon, did I miss a post over the weekend? Is difficult child in the hospital already? I thought Friday he was having a checkup. I'm going to read this board after I get the children off to school. Wishing you a good Monday :thumbsup:.

    Typical Monday at my house. Laundry this morning, a little light housekeeping, a run to the grocer and then the vac store for some new vac bags. My cousin is coming over later this morning so I can help her do some invoicing for some work she is doing for the HBO miniseries "John Adams". It was filmed here and she is doing some work with set dressing/props from the movie that are being sent out to various locations around the country for premiers next weekend. She is extremely talented in her field, but can't find her way around the computer!

    This afternoon difficult child has his monthly therapist appointment and hopefully not too much homework!!!

    I'm hoping for an uneventful late afternoon and evening :grey:. Have a great Monday all.

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    Linda, my oldest wears those thong things, YUK. I am LOL at your words about flossing. Good morning Monday! Too funny, too true, put very well!
    Ya know, Fri I got hit fast and hard with a sudden flu like thing. The good news was it lasted maybe 6 hours, and was gone. Then it hit others here, came fast hit hard and left. So we decided it was a 6 hour flu. Hope your husband feels better today!

    Wiped out- I was sad for you to read difficult child was admitted. I am afraid the weather might be uncooperative all week! I did not realize until yesterday, my town had more snow still than the other ones in my county, but yesterday I had to go to my sisters and yeesh, my neighborhood has WAY more left than anywhere along the way. Well, until this morning, now we are under water. Basement has water, the whole yard is underwater.....the roads are all under water, - it rained in the nite, and it got SO warm yesterday. Alas, now they say t-storms, dropping temps again, and snow possible for 6 of the next 7 days. Grumble. I hope it does not interfere with your plans.

    LDM your recipe sounds good!
    Your cousins work sounds interesting.

    I am recovering from a meeting last nite with my siblings- we met regarding our mothers estate, and the news was not so great. SO I am trying to reconcile myself to that. There was some good parts, tho. we have been estranged for several years, but we have been working on reconcilation. My sister is gonna have a medical procedure end of this week- so I am trying to think of a small gift for her---but it is not easy becuz we are so many years apart in age and we do not really know each other well. And I am trying to also mentally prepare for this months court dates, all this week. (estate court, court for PCs creep who hurt her.....) And I have been trying to learn about overseas travel cuz easy child is getting ready to go with school on a trip and I have never flown, and never traveled far. AT the same time, I am also trying to keep up cuz my son has ALL his followups coming up and I keep mixing them all up- so many docs, so many towns, - and firming up the plans at various hotels and Ronald McDonald House. (Our RMH moved, to a brand new buildiing!!!)
    So, my brain is busy today. Oh and it is monthly bill paying day, too.

    Well, maybe we will float away....in the flooding. Or get buried under the snow this week. LOL. This weather is GOOFY!

    Have a good Monday! Happy March!
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    It's supposed to be about 70 degrees here in CA, and since the only job I was offered today consisted of herding zoo animals (I've subbed in that class before), I'll be home petting my dog, doing laundry, and baking chocolate chip cookies and/or gingersnaps. I also have to get carrots for Miss KT's pet rat. I forgot yesterday. The grocery store's about two blocks away, so I'll probably walk over later. Have a good Monday!